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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


After I got off the phone with AT&T, I called the Bastard and cussed him out for going behind my back and turning the service back on. I really can't blame him, because I probably would of done the same thing. But it still pissed me off none-the-less. So after I made some empty threats, just to push his buttons, and called him some nasty names, I felt better. Calling him names is totally not like me. I have to be pushed to that point. Bastard is usually the name caller. He always has been as long as I've known him. I never really took it to heart, so I wouldn't call it mental abuse.

On a lighter note, my parents are having their 30th wedding anniversary on Monday. I called my mom yesterday to see what her and dad were going to do, or if they had any plans. She just mentioned that they might go out to dinner or do something like that. So I suggested that I come over with J. and the kids and make them dinner, have a cake, etc. So she liked that Idea. I called my sister to let her know. She's going to take care of the cake; I'll take care of dinner.

Last night when I came home, J. suggested that we go out to dinner. Of course I thought that was a great idea. Then he asked if I wanted to invite my parents to join us. I haven't seen my dad in a while, since when I go to pick up the kids, he's usually at work, so I thought that was a really great idea. We met my parents at their house around 7ish. Then we went to a new Mexican restaurant that just opened up. I was hoping that the food wasn’t going to be as crappy as the chips and salsa. The chips were over done and the salsa was like water-downed tomato sauce with a chunk of onion, tomato and cilantro here and there. It was horrible. I ordered Fish Tacos. They were awesome. I was impressed with the food with the exception of the chips and salsa. J. and I called it an early night, since he'd been up since 4 am.

This morning, J. suggested that we have Blueberry Waffles for breakfast. Then later he said something about a soft-boiled egg. I suggested Eggs Benedict. So he made the Eggs Benedict while I ran my mile on the treadmill. That was REALLY good. He is such a good cook. J. is taking a nap right now while I'm writing in my blog. I'm going against one of my personal rules and using his computer for personal reasons. I've already made that mistake once before. But I'll be smarter about it this time. I told him today that I have an online Journal. He asked questions. But I wouldn't let him read it, even if he insisted. Not that there is anything all that bad said here about him. But there are days when I wasn't too happy with him and I wrote about it. Why do people tend to look at the bad stuff more than the good? I know I write about the bad stuff in here than I do the good. Especially about my ex. For some reason the bad out-weighs the good. I explained to J. that this is something that I really enjoy and I like writing. I write about all kinds of stuff. I write about the current, and stories about my past. It helps me vent and it's also nice to remember sometimes. So I can go back at a later date and remember about things I was feeling or good and bad experiences.


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