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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Being late causes me a great deal of stress. So why the hell can't I get my ass out of bed when I need to? Today was pretty important that I be at work on time. We got a new gift certificate machine and training started at 8:30 am today. Now, I don't usually do anthing with our gift certificates but my boss wanted me to learn it as a back up just in case something were to go wrong and nobody in Customer Service knew how to work it.
So as usual, I woke up late and took extra long in the shower without any regard for the time. I don't do this on purpose, I just haven't woken fully up yet. Because I took extra long in the shower, I got my daughter up late. Luckily she takes her showers at night. But her hair is usually a nightmare in the morning. She gets an extreme case of bed head. She has very long hair and not only does it get all tangeled, it gets bumps and creases in it. There are only a few solutions to fixing this. 1. Have her take a shower in the morning and she will have beautiful freshly blow dried hair. 2. Douse her hair with water, brush it out and blow dry it. 3. Braid it. Unfortunately, all of these things take a long time to do. And I don't have time to make her hair look the way I want it to. So I usually opt for braiding it at night and curling her bangs in the morning. It doesn't look GREAT, but it looks better than the mess we usually start with. I think it's time for her to learn how to do her own hair. She is 9 after all.

The clock is approaching 8:00 am, I still have to get my son dressed and take him to his dad's house then take my daughter to school. My daughter doesn't go to school in the town I live in for several reasons. The school system where I live totally sucks. Plus, my parents live around the corner from my daughters school. I work until 5 and school ends at 3:15, so it works for me that she just goes to my parents after school since my mom is home all day and is there for her when she gets out of school. Another reason why it's great is my mom has her do her homework before I pick her up. I'm already limited on the amount of time I get to spend with my kids during the week, so this works great as I'm not spending an hour (out of our already hectic evening) doing homework with my daughter. It's a 20 minute drive (15 if I drive fast and get mostly green lights) to my daughters school from where we live. It's another 20 minutes of speeding to work. I should leave my house no later than 7:45 every morning to be at work by 8:30. I'm lucky if I get out of the house by 8. I would of made it out of the house by 8, but my daughter decides that she needs to go to the bathroom right as we are leaving. Normally this is really not that big of a deal since going number 1 is pretty quick. Well, I wasn't that lucky this morning. She had to go number 2! It took her approximately 7 minutes! By the time she lugged her 50lb backpack down the stairs and got in the car, it was 8:09. I had 21 minutes to take my son to his dads, take my daughter to school and get to work. I got to work at 8:50! OOPS!


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