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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Growing up, my parents never really took me and my sister anywhere. We went places, but not a lot of places. I did get to go to Hawaii when I was 12. That was fun and something I will always remember. But that was the only other state my parents took us to when I was growing up. We usually just stayed within the confines of California. The furthest north that we traveled was just above Sacramento, where my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins live. When I was 17 I finally got to go to the river in Arizona with a group of friends. That was my first time out of California.

I was also married for 9 years to a LOSER! We never had money to go anywhere. So we never went anywhere. I was 20 when I finally got to go to Vegas for the first time. I used a friends ID that was older than me so I could gamble and drink. Not that I could really drink that much since I was nursing and my boobs felt like they were about to explode. I was the only one out of the group with an South Carolina Drivers Lisence. But it worked!

I left my husband for the very last time on July 9th. Yes, I've left him many other times before that, but this time, I've totally had it and will never go back. I filed for divorce in November and I'm hoping that it will be final by the end of April. So ANYWAYS, I think Vegas was really the only fun place we ever went together. We would do local fun things. But we never really traveled much. While I was in the dating scene, I went with a friend to Seattle, WA for New Years. Yes! I finally got out of California again.

J and I have created a list of things to do together that I have never done. As you can imagine, the list is very long and tends to grow longer. Now, these things don't necessarily mean taking a trip to tour Europe. But things that most people get to experience. We've been together for 8 weeks now, and we've been able to check off a few of these things from our list such as going to Supercross, the Orange County Swapmeet, A romantic dinner at Tuscany's in Palm Desert, Sledding in Big Bear, Going for a ride on the quads and now taking a trip out to Glamis.

Here is a list of things we plan to do together in the near future. Most of these things J has already done but he want's to share the experiences with me since I've never done any of these things. Skydiving, River Trips to Havasu and Laughlin, Skiing, Snowboarding, Tijuana and other Mexican Cities, Camping in Mammouth. This is just a start since I can't think of everything off the top of my head. But the fact that I haven't really done much is pretty pathetic huh? But I'm luck to have found someone who want's and likes to do these things. I can't wait!


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