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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


I changed the name of my blog to "T.M.I. About April" because it's true. I share more with people that I've never met in person and complete strangers, than I do with my friends and family. What's up with that? Maybe it’s because I write about them. I haven't really written too much about my immediate family like my Mom, Dad or Sister. Probably because I don't see them enough, or spend enough much time with them to have anything to gripe about. I really enjoy every minute with them. The funny thing is, I pick up my daughter from my parent's house just about every day! And lately, my mom has been taking care of my son (since I don’t want Loser to have them) for me while I'm at work. I drop him off in the morning and pick both of my kids up there at night. But, I only spend 10 to 15 minutes at my Parents house each day. I do try to get over there some weekends for a visit during the day. But we've been so busy lately, doing our own stuff, and they have been doing their own stuff, that we haven't been able to really have a good visit.

I just realized that I haven't said anything about the wonderful weekend we had. It's definitely worth sharing about.

Friday Night, the four of us played Jenga. I was very impressed with how well my four year old did. He never made the tower of blocks fall down. He was very careful about which block he pulled out of the stack, and how he pulled it out. So, after we got tired of playing Jenga, J. built a fire in the back yard. He has an old washing machine tub he uses to make camp fires with. Now normally, you would expect to roast Marshmallow’s or Hot Dog's in a backyard fire. Well not us! We ate Popsicles! But not just ANY Popsicle, we had Creamsicles! Yes, we ate Popsicles by a fire! Isn't it Ironic, don't you think? Well, I said that it was silly to sit around a fire and not roast Marshmallows, so I grabbed the bag and some wire hangers and let the kids roast the Marshmallows. They loved it!

Saturday we went up to Big Bear and went sledding with the kids. Snow was melted on our spot that we used last time, so we had to hunt for another spot that wasn't crowded. I was surprised on how many people were there since we were questioning if there was going to be enough snow, on our ride up there. We hiked up a blocked off road that was total mud, and found a great spot. There was a slight decline that was clear for sledding. And a path to walk up the hill that didn't have any snow. The only problem was, there was a bump at the end of our path and if you flew over the bump, you would crash into a tree. That happened to my daughter, she hurt her finger and didn't want to sled anymore. Eventually she shook it off, but it took a while. J. and the kids made a snowman and we took pictures of them with their new friend. After we were done sledding, we drove to Lake Arrowhead and picnicked in the McDonald's Outside patio that had a view of the lake. We brought our lunch and was planning on picnicking somewhere and decided that would be the best place. After that we went through all the shops and drove home around 5:30. We made a pizza and watched a movie for the rest of the evening.

Sunday we went back out to the riverbed and went Quad Riding. I had my son and J. took my daughter. There was a part of the riverbed that had about an inch of water and trees were on both sides, so we pretended that we were riding through the forest. It was a fun ride and we got soaked and muddy from all the water splashing on top of us.


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