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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


I should use Featherbrain as a screen name as opposed to So_cali_hottie. Yesterday, J. and I were out running around. I took my keys out to get into my office so we could use the restroom and get a drink, since we were in the neighborhood. J. was driving my car and he has his own keys. Well, instead of putting my keys back in my purse, I put them in the glove box. I feel like knocking myself in the head and saying "HELLLLOOO is anybody home"? J. has been taking my car to work since it's cheaper on gas and he works over 60 miles away.

I go to leave the house this morning and guess what? That's right! I don't have keys! The keys are in my car and J. has my car! That means, I can't take my daughter to school or go to work. I call my ex (who lives a few miles away) to see if he can take our daughter to school. He wasn't home, but luckily his mom was home and she generously offered to take Bre to school AND me to work. This was kind of an uncomfortable situation for me, since I was married to her son for 9 years, and she's coming to pick us up at my boyfriends house. But what other option did I have? I was very uncomfortable riding in her car but she was unusually pleasant to me. Bre made it to school on time and I was half an hour late to work (again). This is why I really HATE Mondays!


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