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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


I've been feeling really guilty about venting about petty things in my life when there are much bigger, more important things happening in the world. But my guilt won't stop me from wallowing in self-pitty. I do feel better today. I feel better because I went to see the Facilitator at the courthouse today. He made me feel better by telling me that my ex might have to pay me child support based upon his earning potential. Not what he currently makes right now.

I tried to do a little investigating yesterday and I also tried to get his un-employment cut off so that he'd be forced to go to work. I've never felt so vindictive in my life. This was NOT me a few months ago. I was pretty much willing to let him have his way. But he's pissed me off so much lately that I say "SCREW HIM". And that has become my new mission. I would not be doing this if he was working and helping out all along. But hell, the man hasn't worked in 10 months! How can the EDD (Employment Development Department) still pay out to someone who hasn't found a job in 10 months?! My dad gave me 2 weeks to find another job when he couldn't afford to pay me anymore. THAT DAY I was looking for another job. I made out a resume, and looked through the papers. Well, It didn't take me long to land the job I have now. I know it was less than 2 weeks. I know it's not that easy for everybody, and I got VERY lucky. But if you have skills, you SHOULD be able to find a job within a reasonable amount of time if you are REALLY looking. I say in 10 months, if you still haven't found a job, you haven't been looking very hard and you're lazy and like doing nothing all day and still collecting a paycheck.


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