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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


So I joined this Forum for people going through or who are already divorced. I chose the Child Support/Visitation group. Which is where I have questions. Now please tell me.... AM I WRONG for wanting to have the primary custody of my kids? All anyone has told me is that I should be HAPPY that my ex is ABLE to be at home with my kids vs. putting them in child care. My kids will NEVER be in a child care as long as my Mom is home to watch them. And if she can't watch them, I have other alternatives. Hell, I have vacation days that I can take! Then they are telling me that I'd better make sure I have a damn good attorney because all my ex has to tell the judge is that he is a stay-at-home dad, and he CHOOSES to be home for the kids. Then I will end up paying HIM child support. I only have two words to say about that... "FUCK THAT"! Not if I can help it.

Today I finally got some great advise from someone in my Forum who has been the nastiest to me. All along I thought it was a guy doing similar things to his ex that my ex is doing to me. I come to find out, that it's the wife of a man who is being screwed by his ex. Long story there. Well she told me this: My advice to you is to provide the court with your STBX husband's past Proof of Wages. Bring in the past couple of years worth of tax returns.

That will prove what he is ABLE to make, and that he is eligible for work.

Also, call around your area, within 30 miles of your hometown, at places that are hiring. Ask how many positions they have open. Write everything down. Document all your phone calls. Clip newspaper clippings with the job announcements from them, and bring them into court, to prove to the court that your ex-husband is UNWILLING to work, not unavailable to do so,a nd that you want an award of custody based on the premise that he WILL be working after the divorce is over... you also want an order stating that child support, based on his POSSIBLE income, should be instituted no more than 3 months after the final order goes in place, whether or not he has a job. This should put a flame under his arse, to get a job.

Finally some advise that I can use! Maybe joining the Forum WAS worth it!


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