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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


There is a saying that God doesn't put on you more than you can handle. Well, I really think he is testing me. Yes, things could get worse. I'm just feeling sorry for myself for all the shit I'm going through at the moment with my divorce, finances, etc. The inevitable happened today and my cell phone got shut off. I completely blame my ex for this one. I think I said in an earlier blog that during the time we got back together, I gave him a cell phone under my account. He was going to pay for his own phone bill of course. Well, after we separated in July, I shut it off. He begged me to turn it back on and if I did this for him, he would pay for my phone too. I would just pay for the minutes I went over my plan. Like a stupid MORON who knew better, I agreed. So I guess I can't place all of the blame on him since I knew better. But it makes me feel somewhat better to blame him completely :-) So anyways... One month my bill was over $475. I did go over my minutes, but only by $50. The rest was LOSER'S. I couldn't pay it all so I just paid $300 towards it. Of course I called him to let him know and cuss him out about it since I know that he couldn't pay. The next month the bill was over $350. Well, I couldn't pay this one either. So my phone is now disconnected and I'm going to have to pay over $500 to get it turned back on.


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