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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Well, I made it back alive and with no broken bones from Glamis. I'm just totally sore and bruised all over my body! Over all it was a fun weekend. I had more fun on Sunday than any other day. Just because I was more comfortable riding a quad. Here's the rundown on my weekend:

Arrived Friday around 10pm. We found a spot on Gecko Road. It wasn't exactly the most level spot. So we had to jack up one side of the trailer. That took FOREVER and tons of work. So our camp was all set up finally and J decided we can go for a ride in the dunes in his truck. That was pretty fun and scary at the same time. For those of you who have never been to Glamis, try to imagine miles and miles of hills in sand. Some of them steep, some of them small. You come upon a hill and go over it, but you have no clue about what's on the other side. You don't know if it's flat, a slope or a drop straight down. For an amateur like myself, it's very intimidating.

Saturday we got up and went for a ride on the quads. The only other time that I've ridden a quad was the weekend before, and it was in the river bed close to our house. The riverbed is flat. Sand dunes are not flat. J. just taught me how to shift on that ride. So on Saturday at Glamis, we went out to the dunes. J. tells me to give it some throttle going up the dunes. The first "real" hill I come up, I give it a lot of throttle. I come over the top of the hill in a wheelie for about 50 feet! He's yelling at me "Let off the throttle!" The entire time I was thinking that I'm going to land on my back and the bike is coming down on top of me! Luckily I let off the throttle and landed just fine and let the bike die. J. was cracking up! He said that if he didn't know any better, he would of thought I was a pro cuz it looked really good! Too bad we didn't get a pic. So I start up the bike and tried to follow J. through the dunes again. Well, he comes up to a very steep hill and flies up it. I attempt to follow but go up at an angle and fall off the bike and the bike lands on top of me. So I'm pinned by the bike. J. notices that I'm not behind him. He comes back to see that I've rolled the bike on top of me. He wasn't very happy that I broke the new-lighted flag he spent $30 bucks on and we never got to use it. But he was glad that I was ok. I decided that I didn't want to ride anymore that day.

After we got back to camp, some of the people that had come to our camp weren't exactly "our kind of people". We instantly thought of "You might be a redneck if...." jokes. We had some other friends at another camp where the traffic wasn't right beside us. Our camp was 10 feet from a busy road. We spent a few hours packing up. While we were packing, I kept smelling BBQ. I never said anything since I thought that our neighbors had a fire going. About 5 minutes later, J. said the trailer was on fire! He yells at me to get the fire extinguisher at the same time he's running in the trailer to get an extinguisher. He comes back out with one, goes to spray out the fire, but nothing comes out! I remember where I saw another extinguisher in the wall so I run into the trailer to get the other one. Meanwhile, he's got a bottle of water that he was about to open and pour on the fire. I give him the extinguisher and it works! Our "redneck" friends come with another extinguisher. But then we decide that we need water. Luckily the rednecks had a Super Soaker! That worked great! What happened was, the generator has a pipe that goes through the floor into a muffler. Well that got so hot that it caught the wood from inside the floor on fire. It had been smoldering for probably 10 minutes. J. had caught it just in time. Otherwise it could of been disastrous.

We finished packing up our stuff, loaded up the trailer, found our other friends campgrounds and then spent another hour setting it back up again. Then we took a ride out to Oldsmobile Hill. Our friends had Sandrails and we were all supposed to ride out together. J and I followed one of our friends, and the other friends were supposed to be following us in their Sandrail. Somehow we lost them or they lost us. We somewhat look for them, but then we decided that they went back. So we continued out to Oldsmobile. I didn't exactly have a lot of fun on that ride either. I was scared of the hills. I was going slow. And J. wasn't too happy with me for not keeping up. I hurt my wrist coming down hard on a large whoop, so that didn't help things. We finally made it out to Oldsmobile. I couldn't believe the size of this hill! It was a small sand mountain, not a hill! We watch everyone go up and down the hill in their dirt bikes, quads and some bad ass Sandrails, then J. says "Come on". I look at him and reply, "Come on WHAT??" Because there was NO WAY IN HELL I was going up that hill!!!! J. says to me exactly what I was thinking he was going to say to me. "Let's go up the hill". I say to him "NO FREAKIN WAY!" Then he explains that it's just a big hill, but not that steep. He offers me his bike since it's more powerful and tells me how to shift going up the hill. So, I give in and go for it. I made it up the hill! In fact, I beat him up the hill! This gave me new confidence. I really only beat him up the hill because the other bike isn't nearly as powerful as his bike. We went up and down a few more times, then J. switches bikes with me. Of course he totally kicks my ass all the way up. In fact, I didn't even make it all the way up. I made it most of the way. But the bike decided it didn't want to play anymore and came out of gear. So J. to the rescue (again) and helped me put the bike in reverse so I could turn around. We went back to camp after that. It was time to go watch the drags. J. makes us a few drinks for the trip ;-) Cranberry and Vodka. 1/2 Cranberry, 1/2 Vodka. Nice and strong! The drags were cool. We stayed for about 1/2 hour then go back to camp. It was getting dark by this time. We come back to camp and decide we need another drink. So we made more Cranberry and Vodka's. The rest of the evening we just drank, got drunk, ate some burritos that our friends made, had a Margarita, lit off some fireworks, made Smores and went to bed.

Sunday morning we had a slight hangover. On the scale of 1 to 10 I would of said that these were about a 4. Headache, Cotton Mouth, don't wanna get out of bed. We finally got our asses out of bed since we could hear everyone else in our camp was up. We started packing up then we went on a ride with the friends we came with. They have a Sandrail. We went back out to Oldsmobile Hill. My riding skills have greatly improved by then. I was much more confident. It was actually a fun ride out there. We went the long way and found a jump. This was a great jump because it was flat on the top of the hill. J. took the jump first, then our friends in the rail took the jump. I decided to go for it. I actually did it! I was cautious at first. But the more I did it, the bigger the jump I took. I’ll have pics posted shortly. We hung out at Oldsmobile for a while then headed back. By the end of the ride, my entire body ached and my throttle thumb was real sore. But it was a lot of fun once I got the hang of it and I can’t wait to go back.


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