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Bad Luck Friday's?

I sure hope my bad Monday's aren't becoming bad Friday's. There was a pattern of really bad Monday's. But now I'm beginning to wonder if it's now changed to Friday's. Read below to find out how bad my last Friday was. Now this Friday is starting out not-so-good. So far Jerry didn't like my dress that I put on to wear to work. I didn't have time to change because I was already running late. Then I typed the entire Club Email. I almost had it completed with the exception of a few coupons that I needed to get from some stores. Well, I had something to put in the June email and I use the same format month after month. So I did a Save As for my May email and saved it for June. Then in the June email, I deleted everything I wrote for May. Are ya following me? Then I proceeded to close out Word. Not realizing that I didn't save May. So I lost EVERYTHING! And I have to re-type the May Email now. CRAP! It's only 10:30.... what else can go wrong?


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