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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Childhood Memories from Bakersfield

Our dog Spanky

Pool Parties in my backyard

Visiting my Granny in the hospital when she was dying from cancer

Playing the instruments from my dad's band in the garage

Playing baseball in the street with my friends from the neighborhood

Trying to hit the ball over the fence

Driving across town to go to school

Going to my moms work after school and being REALLY bored

The UGLY big white Station Wagon

My cousin living with us for about a year

Our cat Bandit

My cat Smokey

Planting strawberries in the planter by the pool

Setting fires in the playhouse

Climbing to the top of the fig tree

Falling in the V part of the Loquat Tree and hurting my privates

Riding my bike with friends all over the neighborhood

Getting FREE videos from the video store we lived behind

Going to Church with our neighbors

Finding our neighbor boy face down in the jacuzzi

Building a bike track in the back yard

Crawling under the house and mom yelling at us for being in there because there might be black widows down there

Free rollorskating parties with 10 friends almost every weekend for months!

Trying out for Cheerleading

Starting my period the night a friend spent the night

Playing in the Cotton Fields and the Hay Stacks at my Great Grandpa's farm

My Uncle Gary dying at the age of 35 from a heart attack

Thanksgiving Dinners at Grandma's

Dust Storms

Trying to save the baby birds that fell out of the Palm Trees

Putting on shows for my family on the "Stage" which was actually a hearth from the fireplace that was elevated about 2 feet.

Crying when we were leaving the house I grew up in to move to Yucaipa


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