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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Don't let me drive YOUR car

I've been in 3 car accidents and have managed to total all 3. And guess what? None of the cars were mine. In fact 2 were my dad's. My first accident was my fault (kind of).

Accident #1

It was December of 1993 and it had rained earlier that day. I was driving down hill on a windy road at about 2 a.m. coming home from my boyfriend's house. (Which later became my husband, then ex husband). I approached a curve that had quite a steep decline and I went to brake. As I applied the brakes, I lost control of the car and it hit the curb on the other side of the road. I was going about 50 mph when I hit the curb so it buckled the drivers side front tire under the car and totally bent the frame. I came out of the accident just fine. But my poor dad was so upset since this car was his baby. The car was an 1988 Chrysler Lebaron Turbo Coupe. It was a nice car. My dad had just done a bunch of work to the car and had a fresh paint job done a few months earlier. It was paid off and he planned on keeping it for a long time. The police said that I was going to fast for the road conditions, so I was at fault even though I hit black ice. (It's funny every time I tell this story, people think I say I hit Black Guys.)

Accident #2

About 6 months after accident #1, I had my second accident. I was driving my husband to work in his car. I was 5 months pregnant at the time. I was on the same road as the first accident but on a different part. Well, there are homes right off this road. Their driveways bring them to the road. Some of their driveways are at the end of a blind curve. Well, I came upon one of these blind curves and low and behold, this lady was stopped in my lane looking the opposite direction putting on her seatbelt. She had her 2 children in the car with her. This road is 2 lanes and if I would of swerved around her, I could of either hit someone head on or over swerved and went off the cliff that was on the other side of the road. So I just ran right into her. I was going about 30 by the time I braked and ran into her. I got a pretty good case of whiplash from this accident and was in therapy for a few months. I received $15,000 from this accident and got $5,000 after paying the attorney and the doctor their share.

Accident #3

This accident happened during my first week of starting my job. I was going to buy my dad's Nissan truck for about $1,800. It was a great deal since it was worth about $3,000. My dad was letting me drive it since my husband's truck was having problems and we needed another vehicle. I had just picked up my kids from my parents house after work and was on my way home. I was on another 2 lane road (I know I should stay away from 2 lane roads) when this truck was coming from the opposite direction made a turn right in front of me. It looked like he was going to pull into a driveway, but there was no driveway where he was turning, just curb. I didn't have time to do much other than try to turn left to avoid hitting him. But there wasn't enough time so I hit the back of his truck with the front passengers side of my dad's truck. They found the other guy completely at fault. It turns out that his hat had dropped over to the floor of the passenger’s side and he bent down to get it, while turning the truck in the same direction at the same time. STUPID IDIOT! The insurance company totaled my dad's truck and gave him about 3 grand for it plus they gave him the truck back and he sold that for $800 to my sisters boyfriend. He totally made out! I told my dad that he should kick back some of that money to me. I did do all the work after all.



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