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Fowl Smells

Ok before I get started with my story, I need to tell you some background first. Before I got the job I have today, I used to run my dad's business. His company was self-supporting, but didn't make enough money for him to pay is everyday bills. So he worked in Irvine for another software company. I worked for my dad from about Jan 1999 to Jan 2001. I had my son in October 1998. When I went to work for my dad, my son was 3 months old. I made my own hours, worked out of my dad's home and got to have my son there with me. It was a perfect situation. Ok now on with the story.....

My parents’ neighborhood is infested with pigeons. We call them flying rats. They are a major nuisance and cause a lot of damage to the homes in the neighborhood. I was working at my parents home when I started hearing a scratching sound. I called my mom over to have her listen. She immediately blew it off, saying that it was the pigeons and they must be scratching on the skylight. Well, the scratching noise continued off and on for about a week when we started to investigate the sound a little more. The noise was driving us crazy.

It took about 2 weeks for us to figure out where the scratching was coming from when there was a "fowl" smell protruding out from my parents’ bedroom. (No pun intended). It was a really horrible smell that filled the entire house. We realized that it was coming from the wall. My sister's boyfriend (at that time) volunteered to do a little more investigating. He put a hole in the wall and the smell got worse. As he opened the wall, there stacked on top of each other were 7 pigeons. The pigeons that were on the bottom of the pile were all white, from being shit on for weeks. Not only were there 7 dead pigeons, but they decided to build nests in this area as well. And yes, there were eggs in the nests. Now how did they get in there? I guess there was a gap in the wall from underneath the eves of the house and they were able to squeeze through and get into the wall.



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