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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Here's the blog I didn't put for last Friday

Even though the calendar said Friday, it felt more like one of my typical Monday's. Thursday night, Jerry noticed that there was a full moon and said that it was supposed to be the worst time of the month for me (being an aries). (And no I didn't get my period.) So he said that he likes to go against superstitions like that. Well, some things you have no control over. Last Friday turned out to be even shittier than the typical Monday.

I had to go to court that day. The papers that I was served said to be in San Bernardino @ 1:30 pm. I forgot that said what courtroom to show up in. We go and ask somewhere where we should go. Well, it turned out that they had incorrect info on my paperwork. I was supposed to be in Banning (Not San Bernardino) at 1:30. We asked the clerk to call the Banning court so that they know what happened. The lady called Banning and was told by them that my court date wasn't until Tuesday, April 22nd @ 1:30. I totally wasted hours out of my day for nothing.

Earlier, Jerry had met me at work at noon to go to court with me. Afterwards, I was following him home. I got stuck at the light after he had gotten on the freeway so that put me a few minutes behind him. I was driving on the freeway in very heavy traffic for a Friday at 2:00 and was thinking that there must of been an accident for traffic to suck so bad. Just as I finished my thought, I noticed an accident pulled over to the median. It was Jerry. He had been hit from behind by some kid who wasn't paying attention. I got off at the next exit and went back around to the accident to see if he was ok. Luckily he was fine. A little sore, but ok. After we were finished doing all the boring things you do after you get involved in a car accident, we parked his Jeep in a lot near by and I took him to the hospital to get checked out. 4 hours later, he was released with some prescriptions for his muscles and pain. I took him back to his Jeep, he limped it home. I went and picked up the kids from my parents house and finally made it home around 9:30. What a long, tiring, hell-of-a-day!


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