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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Here’s a conversation I had with my 4 year old son yesterday morning:

Son: “Mommy, daddy taught me how to say bad words.”
Me: “Oh really, like what kind of bad words?”
Son: “Ummmm, like Stupid.”
Me: “Oh yah, any others?”
Son: “Fuck.”
Me “And daddy taught you to say these words?”
Son: “Yah, I can’t remember the other ones.”
Me: “You know, saying those words isn’t nice and it sounds bad.”
Son: “umm hmm”
Me: “And if I hear you saying those words in front of me, I’ll wash your mouth out with soap because they are dirty.”

So I proceed to call my EX who taught him these words.

And I say: “Our son tells me that you’ve been teaching him to say bad words.”
I then told him what my son said to me earlier.
Loser (laughing): “Well, he’s a boy and boys need to learn how to cuss.”
He then proceeds to ask our son if he told me about the cuss words that he taught him to say. I can hear my son in the background saying “yes.” Then Loser says to him “I told you to only say those words in front of daddy, you don’t say them in front of anybody else.”

I tell my ex that I told our son that if he says those words in front of me that I’m going to wash his mouth out with soap and it’s going to be all Losers fault. And I don’t approve of him teaching our son to talk like that. It doesn’t sound good. Our son is going to be starting school soon and he’ll be the one teaching all the other kids to cuss. Then I’m going to be the one who gets the phone call from the angry parent about what my son taught their kid.


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