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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


I did it again! I freakin rinsed my contact lens with the Disinfectant vs. Saline Solution then proceeded to put the contact lens directly into my eye. Why is this a problem? Let me explain. I don't and can't use the Multi-purpose Solution for my contacts. I've probably tried every brand on the market. They all irritate my eyes terribly. The ONLY system I can use requires a daily cleaner made mostly from RUBBING ALCOHOL and a Disinfectant made from HYDROGEN PEROXIDE and a cup with a disk that somehow transforms these chemicals into Saline Solution after the lenses soak for 4 hours or more. Well, if you accidentally grab the wrong bottle to rinse the contacts before inserting them into you eyes, it can be EXTREMELY PAINFUL! I mean, burning your eyeballs painful. That's what I did this morning. I grabbed the Disinfectant instead of the Saline Solution, to rinse my contacts. Then I proceeded to insert the contact into my eye that has just been doused in HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. OWWWWWW! You know what sucks? This isn't the first time I've ever done that. Nor will it be the last (I can only imagine).

The very first time I tried using this system (as recommended by my Optometrist), I didn't buy the cup with the disk that transforms the alcohol and hydrogen peroxide into saline. I didn't realize how critically important this component was. So the first night using this system, I take my contacts out, rub the daily cleaner (made of mostly rubbing alcohol) then pour the disinfectant into the cups. The next morning, I put one contact into my eye. THE BURN! OMG! I don’t' think I've ever felt anything that painful before in my life! Giving birth (not that I had either one of my kids without drugs) wasn't even that painful. I'm sure if someone would of taken a dull knife and stabbed me in the eyes, there would of been less pain. And to make things worse, my eye wouldn't open to get the freaking thing out! I practically had to rip it out of my shut eye. After washing out my eye with water for about 20 minutes, I promptly called the Customer Service number from the box. I explained the step and almost threatened with a law suit. But as soon as I explained to her what happened, she then told me about the most important step that I hadn't done. That was that I NEEDED the cup with the disk. Here I was trying to save $7, thinking, oh I have something to put my contacts in, when I REALLY needed this stupid thing. That'll teach me not to be so damn cheap next time.


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