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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


It's Normal to be Dysfunctional

I don't have a lot of close friends. Just many acquaintances. I choose very carefully who I become close to. I've been stabbed in the back by many friends, so I'm careful about who gets close to me and who I tell things to. There is only 1 person who knows most of my dirt. That's my friend Carrie. And I'm probably the only person who knows most of her dirt. At least I think I am. Carrie lives in Vegas but we talk at least a few times a week. We've been friends since 10th grade and became very close right after High School. I was in her wedding. She would of been in mine but she was about to pop with her first born. My wedding was March 31, she gave birth April 6. A woman that far into her pregnancy doesn't really want to wear a bridesmaid dress, nor will she look very attractive in it. So as you can see we have been friends for a very long time. She is my oldest and closest friend. The only person I have kept in touch with since High School.

What makes us so close is that I know I can tell her ANYTHING, no matter how bad, and she will always be there to offer support, advise, comfort, or just listen. She does not judge me. She may not approve with what I'm doing, and tell me so. But, she will still be my friend. She gives me unconditional friendship. A friendship like this is very hard to come by. In our 13 years of being friends, there is not one time I can think of that she has ever stabbed me in the back. She takes my secrets to her grave. I trust her to no end.

I replicate to her the exact same kind of friendship. She called me yesterday and told me about things that she has been doing, that I don't approve of. But it doesn't matter what she's done, I will still be there for her. I will be there to listen to her, give her advise and hope that she takes it. If not, she will find out the hard way and I will still love her anyways. Sometimes we need to find out the hard way.

We humans are stupid creatures. We do things that we know is wrong with hopes that nobody finds out. You have to lie to cover it up. Then you lie to cover that up and so on and so on until you've lied so much you can't keep things straight, you eventually slip and your dirty little secret comes out. Then you're in a worse mess than you started with. But, we need to go through this in order to learn from our mistakes. And hopefully, we do learn from our mistakes and quit creating a deeper hole.

I'm writing about this because I am bothered by what she is doing. She even knows what she is doing is wrong, but she can't help it. I also understand what she is going through. I've been there, done that. I know enough to give her some good advice based upon personal experience. Thing is...she's going to do what SHE wants to do and that's all right. I guess all I can do is be there for her and pray for her.


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