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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


My weekend: (Usual Monday posting)
Friday Night: Made a pizza for dinner, pulled out the hide-a-bed from the couch and watched a movie with the kids.
Saturday: The kids were in a fashion show here at the mall. They both did great! My son was still the crowd pleaser. After the show, we dragged the kids with us to Long Beach to check out the boat J. has a bid on. It's a beautiful boat. There are a few problems with it, because it's a bank repo and the previous owner pulled out the stereo, speakers, the propeller, and a few other things. But It's been fired up and they said that it has a real strong motor. The boat is a '98 Galaxy with a 454? something like that. It's white with pink, purple and blue graphics. J. had put a bid on it for 13K. Were hoping that the bank either accepts his bid, or comes back with a counter offer of no more than 16. J. would be practically stealing the boat for that price since it was probably a $30,000 boat brand new.

After we got done checking out the boat, and J quit picking it apart, we went to look for a ring for me for my bday. J wanted to get me a promise ring. We found one and it's beautiful. I'm not into big rings. I like simplicity. This one is stylish but simple. Plus it's white gold. I love white gold. J. is against anything other than yellow gold for a ring. But I told him that all my jewelry is either white gold or silver and a yellow gold ring wouldn't look right. He says that it would stand out more. I say it wouldn't match. Guess who won that argument? (Not that it's really an argument, but you get my point). The ring should be ready to pick up tomorrow. I can't wait to wear it!

After we got done with the ring, we went to my parents house. My grandparents were visiting from Bakersfield. J. got to meet them for the first time. Gma and Gpa seemed to really like him. When it was time to leave, Gpa wouldn't stop talking to him. I had to practically drag J. out of the house. We had a long day with the kids and I was exhausted. Taking the kids to the fashion show, the boat place, the mall, then to my parent’s house was exhausting. We were in the car for a good 5 hours that day! Plus, J's daughter and boyfriend came to spend the night Saturday Night since we were getting up early on Sunday to take the boat out to the lake. No not the new boat, J's old boat. (He's trying to sell it.)

We were totally exhausted going to bed on Saturday night from the long day and the long evening. J's daughter showed up around 12 or 1. I'm not 100% sure what time since we were sleeping. All I know is that it felt like I only got a few hours of sleep. And my son also woke up in the middle of the night complaining that his tooth hurt. J. got up first (while I was getting dressed) and tried to comfort him. It made me so happy that J. is like that. He really is great and such a big help to me with the kids. It's not easy being a single mom and J. really is great with the kids. I came in the room and J. went back to bed while I attended to my son. I ended up falling a sleep with C. hold and comforting him until he went back to sleep. I also gave him some pain reliever to help with his tooth.

Sunday: We got up at 6:30 to get ready to go to the lake. We were on the water by 9. J. was expecting it to be really crowed since it's the beginning of the season. Luckily, we were able to launch the boat with out any waiting, and we found a spot on the island to hang out at that has a table and bbq. We just basically watched the kids play, watched the other boats cruise by and had a somewhat relaxing day. Going out there is a lot of work though. And loading everything up and unpacking is also a lot of work. J. and I really wanted to take a nap. But we still had to go to the grocery store to buy stuff to make Taco's. J. makes the BEST tacos with churrizo and ground beef. (I know fattening!) But OMG, they are awesome! We ate dinner late too. Everyone, but me (knock on wood) is getting sick. J, Bre and C all have colds. I've been lucky enough to have not caught it yet. I'll probably be eating these words in a week.

Monday: Yes, the dreaded MONDAY! Like I say every Monday, I HATE MONDAYS. But today, I actually had a better morning than most Mondays. I did get to work late (as usual), but not too late, and when I arrived, the only person here was our accountant. Very unusual. I dropped the kids off with their dad this morning :-( so I won't have them until next Monday (which happens to be my birthday). It's going to be kind of nice to have a break from the kids. But I'd rather not have the break. I'm going to miss them. J says that he really enjoys being a daddy, (even though they aren't his kids). J. would like to have them around on a full time basis, as would I. But the kids really need to see their dad too.


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