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One of my worst dates ever!

We all have had really bad dates I'm sure. I've had a few of them. But here's a story about my worst date ever!

I work for a mall as most of you know. Well, I was helping to organize a Read Across America event with the School District and Molina Healthcare Group was sponsoring the event. I had had a few meetings with people from both organizations about the logistics of the event. One of the guys representing Molina came to every meeting. His name is Juan. I typically don't date Hispanic guys. But he was always dressed very well, typically in a suit, he was cute and very nice. So at our last meeting for the event, everybody was telling each other Thank you for your help/support, Good Job, etc. Well Juan stands up and says to EVERYONE "I think April has done such an excellent job, that I should take her out for dinner to thank her for her efforts." I was speechless. I don't think I said a thing. I don't remember if anyone else said anything either. I just somehow blew it off. Well after the meeting, I went to make copies of something regarding the event. I was back at the copy machine for about 5 minutes. I thought everyone had left with the exception of the person I was making copies for. I walked back to my desk and Juan was there waiting for me. He said "I'm serious about taking you out for dinner." I might of replied with a "We'll see, I'm not sure right now."

Juan called me a few days later and asked me out again. So I thought to myself "Sure what the hell, it's a free dinner and he seems nice." So I agreed to Friday Night. He called me at work to tell me that there was a charity dinner that night for a girl who has terminal leukemia. He asked me if I would like to go make an appearance then we can do something afterwards. I thought to myself "Wow, what a nice guy." So I agreed. He was going to pick me up from work at 5. It was getting close to 5 and he called to tell me that traffic was REALLY bad and if I would meet him somewhere in Fontana (which is where the charity function was). So I agreed. I found the spot where we were going to meet and I waited for over 1/2 hour. He finally showed up and I got in his car and we stopped at the store to get a card to put money in that he collected for the girls family. (He earned back the points he lost for being late for this). We finally arrived to the restaurant and it was a total hole in the wall place in a bad neighborhood. The girls family was poor so that didn't matter. And sometimes those places have the best food. It turned out to be pretty cool. We stayed for a few hours, ate some great Mexican food, drank a few Corona's and listened to the mariachi band. Then we decided to leave and go to Dave N Busters.

The only pool table they had at Dave N Busters was a game called Snooker. Juan ordered us a few shots of Padron. Then a few more. I had already had 2 beers and 2 shots of Tequila so I had reached my limit. But he insisted on ordering more shots. When they arrived, I gave him mine. I wasn't about to do anymore shots. After all this WAS our first date and I was already buzzed. I had NO attraction for him, and he was starting to get on my nerves. So around Midnight I told him that I was tired and had a long drive home. My car was back in Fontana still. So he had to drive me back to get my car. Only we didn't make it out of the Parking lot! Juan stumbled to the car, got in, then tilted the seat all the way back into a lying position. He started to say that he was spinning. (Yes we all see where this story is leading to). Then he jumps out and runs behind the car parked next to us. I get out after waiting for a couple of minutes to see what the problem was. I had an idea what was wrong but I wasn't sure. I find Juan hurling in the planter. So I'm thinking to myself "Oh crap, I guess I have to drive." Then I realize that he is in NO shape to drive himself home from Fontana. He lives in the LA area. I ended up driving him all the way back to my place, which is 45 minutes from where we were at. Juan was completely passed out the entire time. We arrive at my place and I help him get out of the car and put him on the couch with a blanket and a pillow. Totally pissed! I woke up around 7:30 am to get a glass of water. He wakes up then apologizes and took me back to get my car and I NEVER went out with him again!


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