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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Rather than focus and write about the things that I don’t like or bug me about my boyfriend, because they are really petty, I wanted to write a blog about the good things. I think everyone should do this for several reasons. I know that I tend to take the small things for granted. I don’t ever want to do that. I want to appreciate all the things he does for me big or small. I also want to have this so I can go back and look at it when I’m angry with him. So hun, if you read this and I left something out, just let me know and I’ll put it in for ya.

1. J. likes my kids.
2. He wants me to have them with us all the time.
3. He takes us to do fun things every weekend.
4. J. is fun.
5. J. loves me.
6. J. has a really cute butt.
7. J. is responsible.
8. J. thinks I’m beautiful.
9. J. tells me this all the time.
10. He is supportive.
11. J. cooks.
12. He cooks very well too!
13. J. keeps a neat house.
14. Sometimes too neat. But that’s ok.
15. J. is thoughtful.
16. J. likes my family and wants to do stuff with them.
17. J. manages his money very, very well.
18. He makes me feel good. VERY good ;-)
19. J. is affectionate.
20. J. wants to come home to me every night.
21. J. does laundry.
22. When J. isn’t working he does my laundry too!
23. When J. isn’t working, he always asks me if I need anything done while I’m at work.
24. J. has a great smile.
25. J. can fix just about anything!


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