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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


There is so much to write about today, I don't even know where to start. I'm not a political person by any means. I think it's because I don't want to talk about something I really don't know much about. But, I have been disturbed by the war. If something disturbs me, I usually just don't want to know about it. It's kind of like meat. I'd rather not know or see how the animal is butchered. If I did, then I'd probably become a vegetarian like my sister. She's not a Vegan, where she doesn't eat ANY animal products, but she won't eat meat. I'm starting to feel the same way about the war. I was watching coverage on the war yesterday, and they talked about how a residential compound was bombed because they believed that Sudam was hiding out there. That disturbs me because I know that innocent lives had to have been lost. It also disturbs me that there is so many people injured that the hospitals can't keep up and that they stopped keeping track of how many people are there. Like Forrest Gump said.... "And that's all I have to say about that." On to happier things.

I have a rollerblading story that fits in with the present day since I started rollerblading after work and it's almost my birthday. Here's the story: It was my 24th Birthday and my best friend wanted to take me to the beach to go rollerblading. I grew up roller-skating, but have never put on a pair of roller blades ever! So we drive to Newport Beach and she rented a pair of roller blades for me. Rollerblading isn't a whole lot different than roller-skating with one MAJOR exception. I was used to toe stoppers. So of course, I totally eat it trying to stop since I go to drag my toe and there's a wheel there, not a brake. I learned real quick where the brakes were. Not that they really work all that well. So after crashing at first, we start down the beach. Newport Beach is really awesome for rollerblading since there is a sidewalk practically right next to the water and the sidewalk goes for a long time. We went up and down the beach all day. When we got hungry, instead of eating at a place on the beach, we had to cross a MAJOR intersection to go to Carl's Jr. That was scary! I knew I would totally eat it going across the street. Luckily I made it without falling in front of traffic. I'm sure I looked pretty dorky though. After lunch, we hit the sidewalk again and spent the rest of the day rollerblading. I think we did make a stop at a bar for a few beers ;-) But after that day, rollerblading became my new favorite activity. And there is nothing better than rollerblading at the beach. On our way home, we were driving through Redlands and saw the Bungee Swing right off the freeway at Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom. Which at the time was a pretty new amusement park. So we decided to do it! It's not quite like Bungee Jumping, but similar. Instead of falling straight down, it lifts you way up and lets go so you free fall then swing up and fall backwards and over again until it loses momentum and stops. It was tons of fun. And here are 2 hot chicks just back from the beach wearing bikini tops and short shorts, so we talked the guys into letting us go one more time for free. ;-) I don't know if my best friend knows how much this day meant to me. It is definately one of my most memorable birthdays. Thank you Carrie!

The other story I wanted to write about was my house that I grew up in. As I've mentioned before, I grew up in Bakersfield, California. Home of Buck Owens and Merle Haggard. (They are old famous country singers.) I grew up in a 3-bedroom house on a third of an acre. To me, the house was pretty large. It was a one-story home and probably about 2,200 square feet. Now the way the house was set up was PERFECT for entertaining. I just wish we lived there when I was a teenager and my sister and I threw our parties. The den area could be blocked off from the rest of the house. There was a bathroom and a bar in the room and a sliding glass door that went out into a very large covered patio where my parents had a fridge. Next to the patio was the gated pool area. There was also a path from the patio that led to the large back yard where we had a volleyball net set up. We always played volleyball or badminton. My room was located on the other side of the house. My window faced the side yard where there was a gate that led out into the front. This was great when I had friends over and we would sneak out and go toilet papering. I know, I'm bad. I also have a story about that too. I'll save it for another time. Our house was the house all the kids in the neighborhood came to play. I miss that house.

I did pretty good yesterday on my diet and exercise. Click here to see what I did


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