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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Well friends, Monday is my birthday. I will be one year from turning the dreaful 3 - 0 . How depressing. I only have one year of being in my twenties left! It will fly by so fast! Know what else is depressing? None of my friends or family have asked me what I want for my birthday? What's up with that??? Maybe they have something really cool already picked out for me. All I know is I have a few requests, but no body seems to give a shit what I want. So if anyone reading this would like to give me something for my birtday, here are few things that would cheer me up:

1.) Tiffany's Heart Tag Charm Bracelet with Tiffany's engraved on the tag. Don't worry it's not that expensive. I think it can be picked up for about $150. If you're feeling generous, I wouldn't mind the matching necklace ;-)
2.) Gift Certificates from Inland Center. You just can't go wrong with gift certificates.
3.) The new Linkin Park CD. I just love the 2 songs that they are playing on the radio. I want to hear the rest of it.
4.) Weights. I don't mean a huge weight set. Just some weights that range from 1 - 15 lbs. would be good.
5.) Hard Cold CASH. This is like gift certificates only better. Because I can spend it ANYWHERE!

That about sums it up. Nothing too expensive. J. and I might take a trip out to Catalina for the day tomorrow. We'll see. It might rain so that wouldn't work too well. But I sure as hell don't want to spend the day doing nothing. This is my Birthday weeked after all.


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