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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Yesterday may have started out crappy but it ended up pretty darn well. I went home at 12 and stopped by my apartment and got a few things to decorate J's house with and my T.V. to put in the bedroom. His T.V. for the bedroom is possessed. It turns on all by it's self. J and I finished cleaning the house then I went and got the kids. I missed them so much. It sucks going an entire week without them. My Mom and Sister came over around 5:30. Then my sister and I went to go serve my ex the amended divorce papers. BTW my divorce is final on April 21st! Yippeeee!

Oh...here's a funny story... We pull up to my ex's parent’s house (because that's where he's living) and she walks up to the house but chickens out because she doesn't want there to be animosity between her and my ex's mom. She really is a sweet lady. So my sister gets into the car and starts to fold up her umbrella and shakes it off outside while sitting in the car with the door open. Now remember it's been raining pretty much all day. So a car drives by and we just happened to be parked right next to a very large puddle. You can guess what happens next. That's right! Splashed her perfectly and totally soaked her and the drivers section of the car. Got all over the seat, steering wheel, even splashed up on the windshield. I was rolling! It was a scene right out of a movie. We ended up going back without serving my ex the papers.

We got back to the house and called J's friend's wife to see when he's going to be home. He wanted to the honors of serving my ex, but has been in Hawaii for business. (Must be nice huh!) But she offered to call her brother to see if he would do it and he wasn't home but she talked to his roommate and he said that he would do it! Finally! We've had these papers for a few weeks now and haven’t found anyone to serve him. Just because they are either too chicken shit or don't have the time or just don't want to get involved. I can't serve him personally and J is my boyfriend and he goes with me all the time to pick up the kids and doesn't want to create anymore friction than there already is. So check this out..heehee... J takes the guy over there to serve Loser, and Losers mom invites him in to the house and offers to have him sit down! ROFLMAO! He declines and says that he'll just stay there in the entryway. Joel comes out and BLAMO.. he's served! FINALLY! I was expecting a phone call from him asking me what the hell those papers are. But I never got one! I expect things are going to turn ugly now. I'm sure he'll contest the papers and then we can go to court.

After J came home, my dad was there and J told us the story about serving Loser. Then we ordered pizza. J picked up the pizza while I entertained my parents by showing them the pictures of stuff that we've done together. J came home, we ate then the moment came to where I finally got to see the mystery cake that J , the kids and my sister have put so much work into. I'm telling you. I have never had a better cake because so much love went into making this cake. He made me a chocolate chip cake with chocolate frosting and decorated in pink and white letters and flowers with 29 candles. It really did turn out cute. They sang me Happy Birthday then I got to open my presents. My kids got me a wall decoration with a birdhouse (I collect decorative birdhouses), some bath soaps and a "I Love You Mom" crystal. My sister gave me a "Free Lunch" coupon and a plant stand that looks like a bike with a pot on the back. It's really cute. My parents gave me some wheel covers (which I badly needed. My car has been missing one for over a year!) and a ceramic decorative birdhouse. My present from J was this past weekend of wining and dining, plus he got me 3 pairs of shoes, and a dozen roses. My weekend recap to come later. My fingers hurt from typing so much. I really did have a great birthday.


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