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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Playin' Hookey

I have to apologize in advance that today's blog won't be humorous or make you smile. That is one of the reasons why I love having my own blog, is that I know once in a while I can bring a smile to someone's face. I get a random email or IM or even a shout out from someone at least a few times a week telling me that I made them laugh with a posted blog. I love that. And I love hearing that I make you smile. I don't have a blog because I'm a writer. Hell, I never even attended college. I just like to write about stories from my life.

Today, I just couldn't get myself out of bed to go to work. It was even a struggle to get up to take my daughter to school. My mom called me last night crying because they moved my Grandma to the ICU unit at the hospital. I first learned that they put my Grandma in the hospital last Thursday because she had a faint pulse and was having trouble breathing. Apparently, she hadn't been feeling well for quite a while and didn't want to burden anyone with her illness.

My Grandma is in her early 80's. But I never think of her as being old. She has always been a strong woman, not a frail old gray haired Grandmother that complains about her arthritis. My Grandma could probably kick your Grandma's ass, if she were that type of person. My G-ma is 5' 10" and I would guess that she weighs about 160 - 170. So she's a fairly large, healthy looking woman. In fact, my G-ma still drives. She's probably the old woman passing you on the freeway. She got a speeding ticket about 4 years ago.

My G-ma is the heart and soul of our family. She is the one who has kept us all close throughout the years. Her house is located in the central point of where we all live. There aren’t enough words to express how important she is to me or how much I love her. There will definitely be an empty place in my heart without her in my life. And I know that is the same with everyone in my family. She is so greatly loved and respected. I can’t stand the thought of losing her or thinking about her being in pain.
Here's a pic of my Grams and Gramps:

Aren't they cute? It was Crazy Hat day at thier house. The whole family had to wear off the wall hats. Grams is so fun!

Jerry, the kids, my Dad and I are going to Bakersfield tonight to see her in the hospital. I’ve been keeping in touch with my family that is there with her and everyone I speak with sounds like they have been crying or are crying. I couldn’t go to work today because I am such an emotional mess. I figured I’d stay home, do some cleaning and packing for our trip. It also gives me some good quality time to spend with my son.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, and I’ll catch up with everybody on Monday.


Text Messages sent to me by Jerry

~ Baby I love you sooooo much have a great day

~ I miss you baby

~ Luv U Baby :-)

~ Thank U 4 my lunch. I can still smell you :-)

I've Been A Bad, Bad Girl

~ I broke into my neighborhood church with a bunch of friends. We found a very large bag confetti and decided to decorate the chapel with it. Then we went down to the cafeteria (the church also has a pre-school) and helped ourselves to the fridge.

~ I've lit fires in the playhouse.

~ I've snuck out of the house and TP'd the neighbor's house that lived right across the street from us. I put soap in their sprinkler heads, put a maxi pad with ketchup on it and stuck it to the window of their truck, put the TP all over their grass (hoping the sprinklers would come on that night).

~ I used to smoke the cigarettes left behind from my parent's friends.

~ I used to beat up the Vietnamese girl that lived next door to me because I could.

~ I made that poor girl say Truck only it came out Fuck.

~ My first kiss was her brother Jeremy. He was an older boy. And my cousin made me kiss him.

~ I used to look at my dad's Playboy's and read the Bio's on the Centerfolds. (No I'm not gay, I was just curious)

That's all the bad shit I can think of at the moment. I'm sure there are many, many more bad things I've done before I was 12.


You know what is a major insult? When your ex is calling to tell you things about your Grandma that is in the hospital. WTF is up with that? Why is my mom calling his mom before she calls me? That's fuckin bullshit!

White Trash Wedding

Highlights of the trashiest and most undraditional but the funnest wedding ever. Plus it makes for a great story.

Have you ever been to a wedding where:
~ They play "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson for the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen while they walk down the isle.

~ Someone shouts out "KISS HER", as if he's at a basketball game yelling at the ref. for making a bad call, while the bride and groom are staring into each others eyes.

~ Soft porn is happening on the dance floor during the reception.

~ Not only is everyone drunk, but they are stoned too.

~ After the reception, everyone goes back to the newlywed's hotel room to party some more then the hotel manager comes up and moves you all to your own private room in the basement of the hotel so you don't disturb anymore guests.

~ Most of the girls (including the bride) get up on the table and BA everyone.

I have, and it was the best damn wedding I've ever been too.

True Story from the Wedding

I went to the wedding with my best friend Carrie and some other people. On our way to the hotel for the after party, we stopped at a mini mart for some beer. Well, on the way there my lips were dry so I needed to reapply my lipstick. I dig in my purse and I couldn’t see shit since it was dark and I was drunk and couldn’t find what I was looking for. So I finally grab my lip liner and put that on. Then I find my lipstick and put that on. I did this without a mirror or any light.

We get to the mini mart, some other guys that Carrie and I went to High School with got there at the same time as us. We go inside and we’re like “What’s uppppp?” The guy’s all “Dude, what you got all over your lips.” And I’m like “What are you talking about? It’s lipstick!” The guy says “It’s black”. Oh shit! I had put on my eyeliner, instead of my lip liner. I couldn’t get the shit off all night.


The River!

Three-day weekends are never long enough. I'm more tired today than when we left on Friday. It's a lot of work to do nothing. It took us a total of 7 hours to get the camper ready, clean it, and pack it. That doesn't even include the shopping. And a total of 2 1/2 hours of unpacking and unloading the camper from the back of the truck. But all that work was totally worth it.

The original plan was to spend the weekend boating, skiing, and playing in the water. Something’s don't always work out the way you plan due to mechanical difficulties.

We arrived Friday night around 10 pm. Our friend Jason had gone the night before so he could reserve us a spot next to them. So when we got there we just basically set up camp and went to bed.

Saturday, we got up early, and got ready to go to the beach on the river. Our camp grounds had a boat launch and a lagoon, but the water in the lagoon is totally nasty, so if you don't have a boat, that's where you hang out. Luckily Jason has a boat. It's a really old boat, and old boats tend to be very unreliable. This proved to be true throughout the entire weekend.

Jason's boat is small, so he couldn't fit all of us and our supplies to hang out at the beach with all day into the boat at the same time. It took a few trips back and fourth to get everything and everyone to our spot. There was 5 adults and our dog Bruster. (Me, Jerry, Jason, Holly (Jason's wife), their daughter and Jeremy (Jason's friend). Once we were all settled in at our spot at the beach, we decided to go play in the water.

Jerry had brought his inflatable Jet Ski. It's made out of thick plastic (like an inflatable swimming pool) and you blow it up and tow it behind the boat. Jason brought his inter-tube that you tow behind the boat. The guys went out first and took turns throwing each other off the inter-tube. Then they came back for Holly, Haley and Me. Jerry and I got on the Jet Ski and the other rode in the boat. We were going along pretty good, then Jason made a sharp turn and set Jerry and I flying at 40mph. We totally ate shit. It felt like someone punched me in the face. All Jerry and I could think about was trying not to bang our heads together. After that happened, I was ready to take a break.

Jeremy got on next. His ride took about 15 seconds before he ate shit. Then Jason got on and Jerry drove the boat. (I just realized all the guys names start with J. lol) Jason only lasted about 10 seconds and wanted to try again. Then lasted for another 10 seconds. It was funny because with Jerry and I together, we stayed on for at least a minute or more. I told Jeremy and Jason that I hope they last longer than that in the bedroom.

We cut the engine off on Jason's last ride and pulled him aboard. Jason and Jerry switched places and Jason went to turn on the engine. It wouldn't start. He tried over and over again, but couldn't get it to turn over. Apparently, Jason goes through 2 starters a season, and it was time to change the starter. It would of been fine if we were upstream and we could float downstream back to our beach, but we were downstream from our beach and could see our shade canopy getting further and further away. Jerry and I decided to use the inflatable Jet Ski and swim that across the river. This didn't turn out to be such a great idea since we got tired half way across and it didn't seem like we were making any progress. Then this lady came to rescue us on her real Jet Ski. We attached our inflatable onto her Jet Ski and she towed us back to our beach. Jerry and I waited for about 4 hours before Jason came back to get us. And he wasn't in the boat. He didn’t want to launch the boat back into the water, so he just drove through the fields to come get us.

Sunday, since the boat was fixed, we were going to try to get our same spot at the beach. We loaded up the boat and Jason was going to take Jerry, Bruster and I out first. Then come back for Jeremy, Holly and their daughter. Jason started up the boat and we headed out. Jerry looked at the engine and noticed that oil was splattering all over the engine. We headed back to the lagoon so they could check it out some more. Jason had severed the oil line when he replaced the starter the day before so Jason had to go get another oil line. Jerry and I decided to hangout with the boat since we already had it loaded with all of our stuff. After about an hour, Jason arrives with another oil line. He installs it quickly and we went to our spot. He went back for Jeremy, Holly and Haley. When they arrived, Jerry and I had the spot all set up.

We sat around for a little bit then decided to go upriver and float down. We did that then came back. Jason didn’t want to take the boat out for anything recreational since it was so undependable. Then Jason’s daughter had to go #2 and she didn’t want to do it in the bushes. Jason took Holly and Haley back to camp so Haley could take a dump. (Haley is 3). They didn’t even get 100 yards before the motor on the boat blew up. We had no idea what had happened to them. We guessed after about 3 hours had gone by, that they had more problems. Jason came back for us around 4 pm. We were ready to go back to camp since we were totally bored. Holly and Haley had gone home so it was just me and the guys.

We hung out for the rest of the evening and Jerry and I went to bed around 11. We got up the next morning, made breakfast, packed up our camp and went home. Since we left somewhat late, we hit major traffic, which we were expecting for a holiday weekend. It took us 3 ½ hours to get home. Traffic sucks! I was ready to hit the sack as soon as we got home, but we had to unpack and then go pick up the kids.

I totally didn’t want to come to work today. I really need another day off to recover from this weekend.


Happy Friday

Today has got to be one of the most awesome days! Not only is it Friday, but it's the Friday before a 3 day weekend. And not only is it a Friday before a 3 day weekend, it's Payday Friday. And not only is it Payday Friday, I'm getting off at 2 pm today, And not only is it Friday, payday, a 3 day weekend and I'm getting off early, it's also a casual day. Life is good.


Drama Update
I called the bank today to see if they were able to locate the signature card. The bank doesn't have it and sent it off to lala land. The branch manager told me I needed to call the 800 number for them to research it. So that's what I do. I talk to the Customer Service chick and she tells me that I need to call the branch because they should have the signature card. NO F'ing Way?? Is that what I should do??? HELLLLLLLOOOOOOO didn't I just tell you that I already talked to them??? So I tell her that SHE needs to call the branch for me. (Just so she can see what a moron she is). She gets NO WHERE with them, then goes and talks with some other lame ass who tells her to tell me that I need to get a Police Report filed so they can subpoena the information.

I then call the Police Department and they tell me that they can't do anything until I get a statement from the Bank saying that's not my signature on the account. Total run-a-round. Then I call the bank back and speak with someother real useless and unhelpful piece of shit who puts me on hold for ever. He comes back and tells me that I need to go back to the bank and have them update the address on the account then call them back and order an investigation which could take 7 - 14 days.

On top of that, I just found out that my Grandma is in the hospital with Phenomena. She's been sick for a long time and didn't want to "bother" anybody with her little ailment. I'm like...Grandma, we love you and we WANT to know about every little ailment that you have.

Miracle Diet

Does anybody know some sort of Mircale diet that doesn't invole surgury or voodoo, that will make me lose 15 pounds by Saturday morning? Jerry and I are going to the river for the weekend and that means that I have to get my ass into a bathingsuit. Shit, Shit, Shit! I have been planning on this for the past few weeks and have managed to lose 5 pounds. But I still have another 15 to go before I would feel remotely comfortable in a bathingsuit around girls that are 18 and have the bodies of a goddess.

I think it's funny when you do something different when getting ready in the morning, such as not curling your hair, and you get compliments such as "You look nice today" by your co-workers. So my response is "What, as in.... I usually don't look nice on other days?"


My Life is DRAMA

I hate the fact that my life is so dramatic, but if it weren’t, I guess it would be boring. And it's far from boring. So this is what happened. I know I've talked a lot about my loser ex husband. I don't know if I ever mentioned that he wrote over $20,000 worth of bad checks on a closed bank account back in November. We weren't together then. In fact, I kicked his ass out on July 9th of last year. I didn't file for divorce right away because I didn't have the money to. But after I found out that he was writing all these bad checks, I found the money to file right away.

How did I find out? Well, Telecheck sent all the notices to my apartment. Of course I had to open them since I just received a huge stack of mail for him from the same company. It is community property after all. I opened the envelopes up and it totaled to over $20,000. Being the bitch that I am, I called him up laughing telling him that he's going to be the bitch to some guy named Bubba when he goes to prison and that I'll be sure to send him some soap-on--rope. He didn't find that as amusing as I did. heehee.

All of the envelopes were addressed to him, so I didn't think anything of it. I was only concerned with the fact that we were still legally married that that they might try to come after me for the money. That's when I filed for Divorce in November.

I continued to get these envelopes in the mail and I would just give them to my ex when I would go and pick up the kids from his house. I was sick of my mailbox getting full from the notices, so I decided to call Telecheck and give them HIS address. Last night, I got another huge stack of notices. I'm thinking “hell people, it's been 6 months already, call the DA and have his ass arrested for writing checks on a closed account!

I called Telecheck AGAIN and told her that I had already called to give them his address, so why are they still sending the notices to my address? She then asked for my name, I told her and she said "Oh, well you're on the account too". My mouth dropped. I haven't had a joint account with him in over 2 years! What the hell is she talking about? I've had my own account, without him since November of 2001. He must of opened an account without my knowledge the bastard! The lady on the phone gave me the account number and told me to get in touch with my bank.

I immediately drove to the nearest branch and told them what was happening. The branch's Assistant Manager tried to contact the branch where the account was originally opened. Only to find out that that branch was closed and all the signature cards were sent to another branch. She called that branch and was told that since the account has been closed for so long, they sent the signature card to their corporate office. The corporate office was then contacted, but she was only able to get someone's voice mail. ERRRRRR!
So now I'm waiting to hear back from the Assistant Manager to see what she has found out.

To be continued........

Really Bad Pickup Lines

Guy's, the following pickup lines are BAD. Do not use them in ANY circumstance. They will not get you a date in most cases. They WILL get you laughed at or slapped in the face (not that I would or have ever done that) and/or talked about behind your back. They will not say nice things about you either. But you never know, she may think you're funny and give you her number anyways. But not likely. I guess it all depends on the atmosphere and your approach.

Most of these pickup lines were used on me by one guy. I was at a baseball game and my sister and I had to go pee from all the beers we were drinking. We were walking up the bleachers and this guy yells out "Take me to bed or leave me forever". Which I think is a line from Top Gun. I'm not sure if I even have the wording right. But I'm sure somebody knows and will help me out. Anyways, I was like "Yah, whatever dork". As if that's going to get my number. We come back down the bleachers and the guy yells out some other lame ass pickup line at us, but I ignored him that time.

After drinking a few more beers, we had to pee again. That meant we had to pass by this guy again. But this time, it was nearing the end of the game. My sister and I proceeded to the restroom and he wasn't there. So we go pee, and come out of the bathroom and there the guy was waiting for his friends. My sister was a little more amused by the remarks this guy had been making, than I was. She went up to him and said "Hey, you've got some pretty good lines there, you got anymore"? Of course this guy did. He was full of them. Here's a few that I can remember:

~ Do you work at a chicken ranch? Cuz you sure know how to raise a cock.

~ Do you work at KFC? Cuz you're finger licken good!

~ Baby, I'm an American Express lover.... you shouldn't go home without me!

~ Do you have a mirror in your pocket? Cuz I could see myself in your pants.

~ Do you know what'd look good on you? Me.

~ Hey baby, let's play house, you can be the door and I'll slam you!

~ If you and I were squirrels, could I bust a nut in your hole?

And my all time favorite ......... Drum roll please.......

~ If you were a booger, I'd pick you first!

Needless to say, we got a good laugh and he didn't get my number.


The Chick Who Shit Her Pants

Here's the one you all have been waiting for.
Disclaimer:The following story is really gross and isn't intended for people who may have weak stomachs or those who are pregnant. The following is a true story so read at your own risk!

Now with that said, on with the story......

First I need to tell a little background to set up the story. I had just found out I was pregnant when my (ex)husband and I joined a pool league. Every Thursday we went down to the pool hall an hour before league started, to warm up. We were practicing with some friends and fellow teammates when this chick ran right past us with shit all down her pants and her leg. It was super obvious because she was wearing thin, pink, cotton pants. You know the ones with no pockets and elastic waste-band. You could see the shit all on her backside and down to her ankles. She had to run past us because the bathroom was on the other side of us.

Now I have to make a few things clear, I'm talking about someone in her early to mid twenties. This was a bar after all. And what is a pregnant woman (me) doing hanging out in a bar? Well, I love to play pool plus I would drink one O'Dools (since I couldn’t drink real beer) and then I’d drink water or Sprite (since it had no caffeine) for the rest of the night and this is California, so they don't allow smoking. Now that I got that out of the way.......

So she ran past us with shit up and down her leg, and the smell...well….. it smelled like shit! (duh) As soon as she ran past, I immediately started gagging. I knew that I was going to throw up, but I couldn't go into the bathroom because shit chick was in there. The bartender (who was also my friend) let me go into the office and she gave me a bowl to puke in.

The guy that was at the bar with shit chick, met her at the back door and took her home. Apparently, she thought that she was going to fart, but shit her pants instead! Could you imagine driving her home? EWWWWWWWW.


I know all of us Blog Addicts either belong to some kind of blog ring or at least know about them. I was thinking about starting up a support group for us Blog Addicts who's production at work had totally declined since their discovery of blogging. I'm either thinking of calling it B.A. for Blogging Addict or B.S. Blog Slut.

My Sister's Birthday

My sister just turned 27 on Saturday. She wanted to go to the Improv at Ontario Mills. We had a fairly large group show up. My philosophy: The more the merrier!" Some Kevin guy was playing. He reminded me of the guy who played George Kestanza from Seinfeld. He was short, fat, balding and Jewish but not nearly as annoying. Apparently, the guy had been in a movie with Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Jack Nickelson. I don't know what movie that was. And if he said, I wasn't paying attention because I thought he was pretty boring. I enjoyed the opening acts much more than him.

After the show, everyone was going to Margaritaville in San Bernardino. Jerry's daughter lived close by to the Improv, so we stopped by to say hi, and then we planned on meeting up with everyone at Margaritaville. On our way to Margaritaville, my sister called me and told me that everyone was going home because the DJ at Margaritaville was a total DICK.

We all had a few drinks earlier at the Comedy Club. So having a few drinks + comedy club = good mood. I know for a fact my sister didn't approach the DJ like a bitch. They got there and they were playing Alternative music that is hard to dance to. So she went up to the DJ (in a very good and playful mood) and told him that it was her birthday, she was feeling old, she had brought some friends who were all in the mood to dance, so he would mind playing some good dance music for the next half hour or so.

DJ DICK responded, "What YOU consider to be good dance music and what I consider to be good dance music may be two different things".

Sister (in still a good mood): "Well, why don't we talk about what you think is good dance music and what I think is good dance music".

DJ (still being a dick): "It's not my job to stand here and talk to you about what you think is good music and what I think is good music". Then the bastard walks away!

So not only did that ruin her mood, she walked out with her friends and didn't get to finish partying for her birthday!

That DJ was soooooo lucky I wasn't there because NOBODY talks to MY sister that way and gets away with it. I would have been up in his face so freakin fast, he would have smelled the alcohol from my breath for the next week! I'm still thinking about calling and speaking with the manager about what a dick of a DJ he has working for him. (I'll make sure I call him DJ DICK).

Me: "Yes, I'd like to make a complaint about DJ DICK".
Manager: "Who"?
Me: (innocently) "Oh, that's not what he's called? I just assumed that since he's such a DICK and his head is the same shape as a penis head that's what he's called. I guess not. Well, the DJ that you had working on Saturday night".


Lame Ass Insurance Company's

I just got insurance from my work on April 1st. I formerly had insurance through my ex husband, but since the loser hasn't worked in so long, the Union cancelled his insurance. So not only don't I have insurance, my kids don't either. But that's another story I think I've already written about.

I've been on the pill since I've been with Jerry. I've had to fork out $40 for my pills when I didn't have insurance. So I was happy that I had insurance again so I wouldn't have to pay as much. How wrong I was. My pharmacy said that the coverage was declined for my pills. I was like WTF! That's total bull shit.

I called the number for the company that handles the coverage of my prescriptions and talked to them about it, they said that it was my insurance provider that decided what was and what wasn't covered and that I needed to call them. Then I called the insurance provider and told the guy how I thought it was ridiculous that they would cover an unwanted pregnancy but not the pills to prevent the unwanted pregnancy. He told me that it isn't them that decides the coverage, it's the company that I work for that decides the coverage.

Now, I can remember getting only 2 plans to choose from. And I THOUGHT that I was getting the best plan. And I sure as hell aren't going to call my corporate office and tell them what freakin moron's I think they are for not allowing my to get a plan that would cover my birth control pills. Or maybe I will......


I almost forgot....

When my daughter started Kindergarten, I was the youngest mom out of all the mom's that had kids in her class. Did I say that right? You know what I mean (I hope). I was 23 when she started Kindergarten. Now I'm 29 and my son is going to start school this August. I attended that Kindergarten Orientation the other night and I swear, I'm STILL the youngest mom. Or at least I look like I'm the youngest mom and I'm definately more fashionable than the other moms. I must say that my son will have the coolest mom in his class.

I'll totally love it when he's in Jr. High or High School and doesn't want his friends to come over because they all think I'm hot! How cool would that be?

Damn! I'm proud of myself, I finally figured out how to make this inner table wider!

Bands I've Seen In Concert
I appologize if you tried to read this earlier and it didn't make any sense. I f'd up some of the links, causing chaos on my blog

Ok now, please don't make fun of me, because I've already been mercilessly made fun of for seeing The New Kids On The Block in concert when I was 15 back in 1989. (I can't believe I'm actually admitting this). But it's true. I had a HUGE crush on one of the guys in this boy band. I can't remember his name to save my life.

Ok I just did a search and actually found websites about New Kids On The Block and now I remember I was HOT for Donny Wahlburg.

That's enough about them. I can see it now, somebody doing a search for New Kids On The Block and my website coming up in the top 10. Now on to much cooler concerts.

The next concert I went to after that was 4 years later in 1993. One of my friends scored tickets to KROQ's Acoustic Christmas Concert. There were 2 nights that the concert took place. You could choose between Saturday or Sunday. Some bands played both nights and there were bands that only played one of the nights. I think we went on a Saturday night and here's who played:

Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against The Machine, Cranberries, Belly, Porno for Pyros, Violent Femes, Cracker, and Primus.

It took me 8 years to see my next concert. I saw Saliva at Gotham Night Club in November of 2001. The opening bands were really sucky local bands. Saliva was OK. Nothing spectacular. Just something fun to do with drinking involved!

Then in December of 2001, I went to KROQ Acoustic Christmas Concert. Tickets to this concert is next to impossible to get. The venue is very small. I think it only seats about 5,000 people.
To get tickets, you can't line up any earlier than 10 am they handed out wristbands in random order at 11 am and the tickets went on sale at noon. Then the store was given a number by some unknown sorce, (I think they pull it out of their ass) to see where they were going to start at. So if your wrist band was number 8006 and they started at 8004, you had good odds that you would get tickets. I know from years before that the tickets sell out in like 5 minutes. I was second in line by the number I had on my wristband. What freakin luck! To me this was like winning the grand prize in a raffle!

This is why I was so excited: Bush, Cold Play, Pete Yorn, Nickelback, Sum 41, 311, Remy Zero, No Doubt, Stained and Linkin Park all were lined up for Sunday Night. Since I could only buy 2 tickets, I took my sister to the concert.

We got there early and had a few drinks before the concert started. We were walking towards the building when we noticed a huge entourage of guys. At first I thought it was Puddle of Mudd, because I knew they played the night before and thought they were sticking around to see the show or maybe even play. After talking it over with my sister, we realized it was Nickelback. They all went into Wolfgang Pucks. So like the dorks we are, we followed. We were seated at the next table. We weren't hungry since we just had appetizers at Tu Tu Tango. We ordered a few beers, then another few beers until I was drunk enough to approach Chad the singer of Nickelback. He was nice enough to take a picture with me then my sister. Here's the pic!

The summer of 2002 I went with a bunch of friends and saw Lit. This was another concert held at Gotham with more sucky local bands opening up for them. Lit was great! I think they were promoting their new album which I think was a total flop.

The last concert I went to was another KROQ concert called Inland Invasion. This was held at The Blockbuster Pavilion in Glen Helen, which is in San Bernardino. The Blockbuster Pavilion is an outdoor amphitheatre. So I found that it was really stupid of them to throw this concert in August. On top of that, you couldn't bring in water. So they totally raped you at $3 a bottle and $10 for a friggen Margarita. I didn't bring enough cash with me to even catch a good buzz.

Luckily I got my tickets from Ebay and got awesome seats. I really felt sorry for the poor lads stuck in the lawn. But they were stupid enough to buy lawn seats. I wouldn't of taken lawn seats if they gave me the tickets. It was like 100 degrees that day and some smelly punker guy probably would of been rubbing up all over me and invading my personal space. NO THANK YOU! Here was the line up:

Buzzcocks, Circle Jerks (I'm sure those two bands had a great time after the concert), Unwritten Law, New Found Glory, The Vandals, Sex Pistols, X, Offspring, Blink 182,Bad Religion, Social Distortion, and Pennywise. I've never heard of a few of the bands on the lineup. It was apparent that the hard-core punk fans knew who they were though.


Addicted to Blog

I am totally addicted to blogging! I can't concentrate on work at all. I have a million ideas running through my head for future blogs. So I figured that I'd put the ideas in a blog and then maybe (if I remember) go back when I have time and actually talk about these things. Here goes:

1. All the bands I've seen in concert.

2. The time the girl shit her pants at the pool hall.

3. The trashiest wedding I've ever been to. (It was also the most fun heehee)

4. Embarrassing moments with my drunk aunt.

5. Karaoke

6. Reasons why I hate Cingular

7. Really bad pickup lines used on me or just stupid coments made by guys.

OK.... I have WAY too much time on my hands. This week I read all of Kerry's archives. Now I'm reading Sara's archives.

Music For The Morning After

I've know about Pete Yorn for about 2 years now but never really got into him. I was like Pete Yorn? Who's that?? KROQ would play one of his songs once in a while, but maybe I was distracted at the time, or just not paying attention, and I never really got into him. I've even seen him play at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Concert in 2001. Maybe I was drunk when he played, because I don't think I was really paying that much attention that time either.

I was browsing through Jerry's CD collection a few weeks ago, looking for new tunes to put in the CD changer, when I stumbled across a Pete Yorn CD. I knew I saw him play at the concert, but I couldn't think of anything he sang. So I put the CD in and now I'm a HUGE fan. I can't believe I could of been on the Pete Yorn bandwagon all this time!

Going to Kindergarten

I have to brag a little about my son. Last night I took him to a Kindergarten orientation at the school he will be attending in August. They wanted to have a meeting with the parents so that we know what is expected of the children when they start Kindergarten, plus they did an evaluation to see where the kids are at. My son will be one of the youngest in his class since he won't turn 5 until October.

The guy heading the meeting (I don't know who he was or what position he held at the school) listed off all the things that the kids are expected to know before they start school, about the curriculum during school and what they need to know to go on to first grade. There were only a few things my son couldn't do that he listed and those things were for later in the school year.

My son takes after his dad in a lot of ways. My ex was one of those kids that never studied and got A's. I can see that my son will be one of those kids. He picks things up so quickly. He is a very smart kid.

We waited for them to call my son for his evaluation. The teacher asked him to point out the triangle, square and circle, then to recite his A, B, C's, then to point to random letters of the alphabet and say the letter name, count as high as he could (he got to 29 and 30 is ready for 1st grade), count objects, etc. The test only took a few minutes, but my son just about passed with flying colors. He just got the I and the T confused and thought the A was an R. I know that he knows these things, since we quiz him on it all the time. So it didn't concern me in the least bit. My son is totally ready for Kindergarten.


Apparantly, there are men that find this attractive

I have a bogus Yahoo Profile setup for guys who find me online and are total perverted jerks. So I tell them that the person in my profile really isn't me that Hot Wet Mamma 6969 is really who I am and that I made up So Cali Hottie just to lure the men in because I'm lonely.

Well, lately I've gotten IM's from men who find Hot Wet Momma 6969 attractive. I don't know if they are actually attracted to HER or the fact that she is a Phone Sex Operator or that she likes it up the butt. I'm so EVIL!

Driving Pet Peeves

1. Driving Slow in the Fast lane. If I'm behind your slow ass and I'm flashing my lights and honking my horn at you, move the hell over dumbass!

2. Stopping for a yellow light. This just happened to me this morning. Not only was the bitch driving really slow, the light turned yellow about 20 feet before she got to the line and she stopped. My philosophy, if it turns yellow, step HARD on the accelerator!

3. Not paying attention when the light turns green. This also happened to me this morning. I was behind this guy and the light turned green so I gave him 3 seconds to move. NOTHING! So I honked. NOTHING still. I had to go around the freakin moron. Now I'm guilt of doing this once or twice because I was looking for something in my car. But I got the hint when someone honked at me.

4. People who pass on a two lane road when traffic is already backed up. How much faster is this moron going to get there if they can only pass one car at a time. Not only that, but they are putting people's lives in danger.

5. Someone who passes you then slows down. I have one word for people who do this..... ASSHOLE!


I just wanted to post a shout out to my friend Malisa who totally rocks and gives the best advise. I told her that I'm going to call her Dr. Malisa and that she should have her own advise radio talk show instead of Dr. Laura.

And a big ass hug to myself for losing 4 pounds in a week without starving myself. I started doing Yoga and Pilates one week ago and I think that it's really helping! My goal is to lose 6 more pounds my Memorial Weekend. Wish me luck!


A Few Day's of Pleasure

I had a great weekend I must say. Saturday I went to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire with Jerry, my sister and her boyfriend. My sister's boyfriend says "A day of Boobs and Beer, what more could you ask for?" This was the first time Jerry or my sister have been to the faire. I got free tickets through my work, which saved us $74. But we spent at least that (if not more) in alcohol and food. We tried every kind of Cider they had. And I don't mean Apple Cider. I'm talkin the wine based cider that is really yummy and gives you a good buzz.

We went to a comedy show and saw some guy who calls himself Moonie. He was hysterical. He grabbed this guy who had a shaved head, goatee, tattoo's all over, missing teeth, etc. from the back and brought him and his "lady" (who was just as attractive) up to the front by grabbing his beer from the guys hand and placing it on the bench in the front row. Then he pulled this shady looking fellow up on stage with him and made the guy look like an idiot. Which wasn't hard to do btw.

After Moonie was done making a fool out of that guy, he scanned the audience for another "victim". I was sitting in the third row and I saw him glance at me. I knew he was going to pick me to get up on stage. And he did. I was totally buzzed by then. I was on my third cider drink.

Moonie has me stand next to him and he takes out a paper napkin and rips it in half. He hands me the other half and starts to roll up his half. Oh...one thing you should know about Moonie, he doesn't talk through the entire show. He whistles and points, so you have to figure out what the heck he wants you to do. I'm standing there like a dumb ass watching him roll up his half of the napkin so I figure I should probably do the same. As I'm rolling my part up, I notice that he is doing something else to the napkin, and making something out of it. I don't have skills like that, so I don't know what I'm going to do with my half. He made his half into a rose. It looked quite good. I see how great his rose looks so I decided that mine should be a joint. I put the rolled up napkin up to my lips and act as though I'm smoking a big ass fatty. The entire audience was rolling. I even made Moonie laugh.

Moonie then gets down on one knee and acts as though he is going to hand me the rose. As I go to grab it from him he pulls it back. He does this a few times then points to his cheek for a kiss. I go to kiss him on the cheek and he moves his head and smacks me right on the lips. It was kind of gross because he was all sweaty. I made a disgusted face, wiped off the kiss, grabbed the rose and ran off stage. I returned to my seat and Jerry, my sister and her boyfriend are in pain from laughing so hard. My sister had tears rolling down her face. I'll post the pictures when we get that roll of film developed.

We spent the rest of the day walking around looking at all the freaks. And I do mean FREAKS. I'm not so skinny anymore and there were girls much bigger than me wearing next to nothing. Rolls hanging out and all. So gross. There should be laws about that. They have noise pollution laws so there should be sight pollution laws. It's like walking graffiti. Any ways, enough about that....

After we dropped my sister and her boyfriend off, Jerry and I went to the mall and got matching cell phones. That's right people, I'm back with the times and now connected with the world again. We got the Motorola V60i flip phones. They are really nice. But it looks like me might take them back and cancel our service with Cingular because Cingular SUCKS. Jerry was with Verizon and I used to be with AT&T, we both had MUCH better coverage than we do with Cingular. They aren't as big of a company as Verizon or AT&T, so they don't have as many cell sights, which means, less coverage. We chose Cingular because they have the best plans and thought their service should be adequate. We were wrong.

After getting our phones, it was about 8 pm and I was starting to get hungry and hung over. Jerry took me out for Mexican food. I LOVE Mexican food. Jerry thought that since I'm getting a hangover that I needed another drink to cure the hangover. He ordered me a margarita with an extra shot of tequila. I ordered a glass of water. I couldn't drink the margarita. Normally I love margaritas, but I wasn't in the mood for anymore alcohol. Water and food was what I really needed.

While we were at the restaurant, I called my ex so I could say hi to my kids. (It was his weekend to have them.) He answered. I asked to talk to the kids and he asked me if I got his message. He had left one at the house saying that I could have the kids that night if I wanted since we were planning to get the early in the next morning for Mother's Day. I thought, "Wow, he's really being nice". Jerry paid the bill and we picked up the kids.

Mother's Day

Jerry took the kids and me to IHOP for breakfast. We had plans to go see his mom in Irvine afterwards, but she was feeling sick. We had gotten her a few things so we drove out there after breakfast anyways. Jerry wanted to check out the boat he's thinking about buying again. We did that first, then called his mom and she still wasn't up to seeing us, so we dropped the gifts off with Jerry's sister and came back to hang out with my mom.

We went to the grocery store to buy stuff to make my mom spaghetti for dinner. This isn't any ordinary spaghetti; this is Jerry's special spaghetti. It is AWESOME! We wanted to take my mom out to dinner, but the Grand Finale of Survivor was on that night and they had friends coming over to watch it with them. My mom loved the spaghetti and the gifts. Then we stayed and watched about an hour of the 3 hour Survivor episode. I'd get into my thoughts about Survivor more but shit, I've already written a book today, so maybe I'll get into it at a later date.


Monday Bloody Monday

Like I always say folks: "Monday's SUCK!!!" This may not be as bad as a typical Monday. But things just don't go smoothly on Monday's. For instance... I arrived 15 minutes late for work. I tried my hardest this morning to get ready in plenty of time to get to work on time. But "nature called" and that took up way too much time causing me to get the kids out of bed late which resulted in us leaving at 8:09 am instead of the goal of 7:50 am which is the latest that I should leave the house. I dropped my daughter off at school at 8:25, my son off at my mom's at 8:30 and arrived to work at 8:45. I should of been here when I was dropping my son off.

It was pretty important for me to be here on time since we have an Art Show setting up in the mall. So I get to work and my boss isn't here. At least if she were here, she could of handled it. But NO she isn't coming in until about noon. This is the first year we are having the Art Show in Center Court (which is the middle of the mall). It is usually in the Sears Court, which had more room until we added another cart in the Sears Court which cut out a ton of room for our events. The Center Court isn't as big as the space we usually have the Art Show so I had to expand the show up and down the mall.

I called one of our Maintenance guys to assist me so that I can make sure they are setting up in acceptable locations and that there isn't a fire hazard. He just said to line them up in the Gottschalks Court. So they put the boards in between the carts (which are the merchants that have a cart instead of a store) and lined them up going down towards Gottschalks. After I spoke with the people setting up the Art Show, I had to go get their ribbons from the trophy shop. I arrive at the shop around 9:15 and they are closed. I looked at the sign and they don't open until 9:30. So I waited around until they opened, got the ribbons and came back to the mall. I walk in the office and Bobbie (who sits next to me) tells me that Dave (who is the maintenance guy I spoke with earlier) was looking for me. I radio him :
Me: "305 to 201"
Dave: "This is 201"
Me: "Bobbie said you were looking for me"
Dave: "Either you or Terri. The art boards shouldn't be lined up in between the carts the overflow should all be in the Gottschalks Court."
Me: “That’s why I asked for your assistance."
Dave: "Well, you've done this before"
Me: "Yah, and it's always been in the Sears Court, we've never done it in Center Court before and I didn't know where everything should go."

He responded back but I can't recall what he said. But I let him know that I didn't appreciate him not helping and I did ask but since no one came to help then things are just going to have to stay where they are placed unless he wanted to come and move it.

So that's how my Monday morning has gone so far. What else can go wrong?

To be continued.........


Yesterday I had a converstaion with my boss that I never thought I would have. On top of that, Bobbie (who is the lady that sits next to me) was involved as well. My boss is a total Christian and Bobbie has a Ministry license. I, on the other hand, am not so religious and I am quite the little rebel of the office. So when my boss says to me: "Maybe you'd lose more weight if you had more sex". totally floored me.

Then (becuase I just can't keep my big mought shut) I said "Well, as much sex as I'm getting, I should be in GREAT shape".

It was actually kind of fun to talk with my boss like this. And a little awkward at the same time. It made me feel like she's just trying to be "one of the girls". And to me she is. I love my boss. I think she rocks. I also think Bobbie rocks too.

Yesterday, I got a call from Customer Service telling me that there is a lady Rita here to see me. So I told Bobbie that I had to go out to CS to see someone named Rita and I have no idea who Rita is. As I was walking off, Bobbie calls me back and pulls out of her desk one of those long envelope openers and asks me if I think I might need it 'just in case'. Oh, she cracks me up sometimes.

Today my boss sends me this email:
Subject: Inner Peace

I'm passing this along to you as I consider you a valued friend.
This worked for me and I think it may work for you.
I have found Inner Peace. Recently I read an article that stated: The
best way to achieve inner peace is to Finish Things You Have Started.
So today I finished two large bags of potato chips, the last half of a
coconut cream pie, a nearly half full bottle of Jose Cuervo, a small box
of Godiva Chocolates and I slapped the living shit out of someone I have
never liked.
I feel better than I have felt for a long time.
Please pass this on to a friend who is in need of Inner Peace.

So my response to her was: ROFLMAO Which is internet chat lingo for.....
Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off

(I had to explain it to her since I knew she would wonder what the hell that means)

My bosses response to me: I'll have to remember that, but I sure as heck will never be able to pronounce it!

I love my job.

Oh ya....I almost forgot.....


Pat Me On The Back

I did my good deed for the week. Jerry has a daughter that is 19. She's going through some hard times right now. She lives on her own and isn't making it. On top of everything, her job cut her hours down to nothing. She hasn't worked in over 2 weeks. As I've been talking about ALOT lately, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory opened up May 1st here in the mall. I was walking around the mall on Tuesday and bumped into the owner. We stopped and talked for a little while about how great his new business is doing. In fact it's doing phenomenal. He said that he needs to hire a few more people, it's doing so well. So I instantly thought of Jerry's daughter. I asked him about the hours and how much it pays, and it sounded like a lot more than what Amanda was making at her other job plus he gives bonuses. And any hours is more than what she has been working recently. He asked me a few questions about her and told me to have her see the manager right away.

I went home Tuesday night and told Jerry that I might of found a job for Amanda. We called her and she didn't sound very excited. She started saying how she can't work certain hours because her loser boyfriend needs the car at night for his job, etc. Jerry pretty much set her straight and I was having second thoughts about it because here I'm recommending her for a job and she's got a bad attitude. I figured that if she's going to act like that then I wouldn’t bother helping her out anymore. I have a very good reputation here at the mall and I know a lot of the store managers. So if it didn't work out with Rocky Mountain, I'm sure I could find her something else. But I would ONLY do that if I knew that she was putting in the effort and went in with a good attitude. It would suck if she didn't get this job though, because their starting pay is better than 95% of the stores at the mall. I think I wanted her to get the job more than she did.

I got on the phone with Amanda after her dad was finished talking to her and told her about how great the owner is and that I know she'd love working for him. I also gave her some interview tips too. She still didn't sound very excited, so then I was like "Whatever". We told her that she needed to go talk with the manager that night and it was VERY important that she had a good attitude during the interview.

So yesterday I was out in the mall and I saw Amanda. I instantly thought "She better not of just showed up to talk to the manager". So I asked her about it. She said that she interviewed Tuesday night and came back to interview with the owner. Then she said that she got the job and they are starting her out with more pay than they had told me and that she was to start tomorrow morning (which is today). Amanda was VERY excited. She really liked the manager and the owner and she thought the store was really cool because it's not really a store; it's a see-through Kiosk. She was impressed with the whole thing. So that made me happy that she was excited. I'm about to see how she's doing and ask her if she'd like for me to take her to lunch.

So that's my good deed for the week. Maybe I’ll make this a weekly feature. Or maybe not. heehee.



People searched for "boobs" and somehow got to my blog. How the hell did that happen?

Dieting.....Why do I bother?

I have totally changed my eating habits. All week I've been eating Soup for lunch, I've been snacking on fruit, drinking only water (except the 1 alcoholic drink at night with Jerry) and I haven't made a single visit to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I also took up Yoga. Guess what happened? I gained more freakin weight! How the hell could this happen??? I just want to cry. I freakin give up! I might as well live off of McDonald's Cheeseburgers and drink a gallon of soda a day. I'd probably get the same freakin results.



Neurotic Dreams

The first neurotic dream that I can remember having, I was living at home, I think I might of been 17 or 18. I was out earlier with my friends and came home late and went to bed. Now, I can swear to this day that I wasn't drinking that night. (I might have been, but I don't think so). Well that night I dreamed that millions of cockroaches were crawling up my bed from my floor, over me and up the wall. Just a huge flurry of cockroaches. So I jump out of bed, run out of my room screaming "get them off!" as I brush myself off. My mom comes running out of her bedroom as fast as she can and sees me doing this. Of course I scared the shit out of her too. She realizes that I was having a nightmare and asks me "Have you been drinking?"

That was the start of these types of dreams. Other things I've done was rock my ex-husband like a baby when I was pregnant with my daughter. Don't ask me how I was able to do this since he probably weighed 180 at the time. I also see floating faces. My eyes will be open and I'll sit up in be and start screaming at the top of my lungs. Now whomever I'm sleeping with will freak out too. Can you imagine sleeping next to someone who starts screaming in the middle of the night?

I've had conversations with Jerry before in my sleep and it totally cracks him up because I come up with some off the wall shit. Like he asked me random questions to see if I would answer. One of the questions was "Who do you work for?" I responded "The C.I.A." Where I came up with that one, I'll never know. I work for a mall, which is far from the C.I.A.

Now let me explain Jerry's bed. It's a king sized waterbed with a wood canopy with mirrors above the bed. Cool huh? Well last night I thought I saw someone standing above me, hiding in the corner. Only instead of the mirrors, there were shelves on each corner and that's where I thought I saw a man leering at me. My eyes will be completely open when I see these types of things. So I start screaming and totally scare the shit out of Jerry. I told him what I saw with total belief that someone was there and that he needed to check it out. It took me at least 3 or minutes to come out of it. I was almost in tears. He told me there's nobody there and I was convinced that someone was. Jerry held me until I realized it was all a dream then we went back to sleep.


Cat Fight

I moved to Yucaipa when I was 15. I'm originally from Bakersfield. Both are pretty much HICK towns or predominately white populations. Only Bakersfield is a much bigger town than Yucaipa and is know for it's agriculture. I lived a mile from the mall when I lived in Bakersfield so it didn't seem so bad. We moved to Yucaipa during the beginning of the summer before starting my sophomore year of High School. Thank God for new student orientations. That's where I met my first friend Becca. I was a total geeky looking kid. It was 1989 and I had a perm, mile high bangs, and big ass glasses with a blue and rose tint on the lenses. OMG what a mess I was.
Becca was my friend no matter what I looked like. She was definitely different that me. She almost had a goth look. We remained friends for a very long time.

Towards the middle of my Sophmore year, my mom finally decided that I was old enough to take care of contact lenses. I desperately wanted them since I was being teased about my glasses. Then I started wearing my hair straight. Just doing these two small things totally changed my look and opened up a world of new friends for me. I started hanging out with this girl Amy who's boyfriend was in a mini truck club called Dreamscape. I would hang out with them on them weekends. I met Tammy through them. Tammy was kind of a tomboy. She had her own mini truck and hung out with the guys. We gradually became friends and started hanging out. I went with Tammy to my first truck run. It was Endless Summer in Parker Arizona and I was 16. (For those of you have no idea what a truck run is, it's like a 2 or 3 day car/truck show where you party the entire time.) Now my mom had no idea what this was about. Tammy had cool parents and let her go plus they called my parents and reassured them that we would be supervised and safe. This was FAR from the truth. I had my first shot at this truck run. It was a B52. I also went with Tammy to Spring Break in Palm Springs. So as you can see we became very good friends.

Tammy also had a bitchy side. Since I wasn't very self confident, I was more of a follower and did what she wanted to do. Well, somewhere during our Junior year of High School, Tammy and I had a falling out. I don't remember the exact details since I think I was pretty drunk when we got into our fight. It wasn't a fist fight, just yelling at each other about something stupid. Well, we hated each other after that. One day, I was in class and made a sign that said Tammy did _______. And I listed all the boyfriends that I knew she ever had and posted it on our snack stand. Of course she was furious since most of the school read it. I thought it was pretty damn funny. I might of posted another sign somewhere else on campus too.

Later that day I was in my last class. This was an elective and the teacher was pretty kick back and we could come and go as we pleased. I was in class and my (so called) friend Brandi asked me if I wanted to go to the Library with her. So I went. We were in the Library and I saw some friends and started chatting with them as Brandi was allegedly looking for her book. She came back to me and said she was ready to go. We were walking towards the exit and there was Tammy and boy did she look pissed off. I started to walk past her but she grabbed me by the neck. So I hit her in the face as hard as I could. We started fighting right there in the Library. It happened so fast that I don't remember any of the other details about the fight. We were broke up pretty quick because the campus security was on the way. I made it back to class but not for very long. They came and got me and took me to the Principals office. I found out there that Tammy had gotten a bloody nose. I was thrilled since I was unharmed and found the fight to be quite amusing. I was laughing after it happened because I knew I got a few good punches in.

I got suspended from school for a week for the fight. And the week I was suspended happened to be during Finals. I didn't feel like I should be suspended since she started it by putting her hands around my neck and I was only defending myself. The Principal saw it differently and said that I should of "restrained" her and walked away. Yah right! As if I were to walk away she wouldn't tackle me from behind. This was one pissed off bitch! When I got back to school I explained to my teachers what happened and they let me make up my Final's.

During the next summer before I started my senior year, I had to go to summer school to make up a class that I should of taken my freshman year in Bakersfield, but it wasn't offered at that school. This was a required class for me to graduate. Well, Tammy happened to be in the same class. I befriended the other girls in the class, and so did Tammy. We finally got past our difference, made up and became friends again, but not like before.



It's a small, small world

I knew this was bound to happen. Jerry is now working with one of my ex's ex-friends. (If that makes any since.) It's inevitable that this would happen since they work in the same industry. (Well, my ex doesn't work anymore.) I get a call yesterday from someone with a familiar voice. On the other end of the phone I hear "What's up girlfriend". I went home early yesterday, so I got this call at home. I was thinking that it had to be one of Jerry's friends calling thinking that he didn't work that day. So I played along. I had a conversation with this person for a few minutes and finally asked "Who is this?" Then he told me! I started laughing immediately because I knew that Jerry had to be working with him and they had obviously been talking about me. This is scary because I've known this person for about 7 years. My ex and I used to go over to their house for bbq's, b-day parties for our kids, etc. He's married and has 3 kids. In fact, his wife used to do childcare out of her house and she used to watch my son for a few hours a day. It gets even better, we were friends with his sister and husband. We used to hang out with them almost every night. I got my female pot-bellied pig from her and when my ex and I moved and didn't have a pig pen anymore, she took her pig back and my pig as well.

After I talked with Rob, Jerry got on the phone and explained how I was mentioned. Jerry and Rob got partnered up together on the job. It was lunch time and I guess Rob was wearing a t-shirt from another company he used to work for. It was the same company my ex used to work for. So Jerry asked Rob if he knew my ex. Rob said yes and explained their relationship on how they used to be best buds. Jerry was thinking "Sorry I asked". Then Rob asked Jerry about how he knew my ex and Jerry told Rob that he didn't want to say. Rob caught on and said, "You're doing his ol' lady aren't you?" Jerry fessed up. Then Rob went on about how he doesn't talk to my ex anymore because he's a big ass liar and backstabber. He told Jerry about things that my ex used to do to me and how he treated me. I can only imagine the conversation they'll have today.



Breakfast with Blink 182

Every morning on my way to work I listen to Kevin & Bean on KROQ 106.7. I've been listening to them for about 8 or more years now. Occasionally they have a Breakfast with some band. Kevin & Bean's Breakfast's With ________ are awesome! It's a small venue with only about 200 or so in the audience. You have to win tickets (most of the time) to attend. Today they are doing a Breakfast with Jack Johnson. They've done Breakfast's With No Doubt, Incubus, Foo Fighters to name a few. The people that get to attend are allowed to ask the bands questions and hear the band play acoustically.

Kevin and Bean are constantly bagging on the people who live in the 909 area code. They say that the 909 is the land of the dirt people, all the guys have mullets and we are the capitol of the meth labs. (The last part is true). The 909 covers the Inland Empire which is San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. People that live in Orange County and LA call it the 909. I live in the 909. When I first moved here it was the 714 area code, then they changed it a few years later to the 909 area code. Housing is much cheaper out here than in OC or LA. I don't think it's all that bad. Yah, we may not be near the beach, but we can get to one within an hour or less if traffic is good.

Last year on Friday, March 29 Kevin and Bean announced that they were going to have a Breakfast with Blink 182 somewhere in the 909 to make up for all the fun they poke at the 909. They said that they would announce the details at 5:00 Monday morning. Well, I'm a huge Blink fan and Travis, the drummer for Blink lives in the 909 and is from the 909 originally. So it makes perfect sense for Blink to play in the 909 for the 909. I was excited.

Monday morning comes and I wake up at 4 am and start getting ready for them to announce the location at 5 am. My sister is getting ready too. For those who know me, I don't get up at 4 am for very many reasons. It has to be VERY important to me to get up that early. So, I'm listening to KROQ and Kevin and Bean announce that Breakfast with Blink is off the 15 freeway's 4th street exit in Ontario, and it's on a first come first serve basis. So those that get there first will get in. I carry my kids to the car one by one (since they are still sleeping) and drive over to my mom's house. I put the kids back to bed and my sister and I drive as fast as we can to Ontario. It normally takes about 30 - 40 minutes to get to Ontario from my mom's house. I think we got there in 20. As we're driving, we're listening to Kevin and Bean describe the weather conditions and how foggy it was. They would announce as people would drive up and honk or yell. They interview Carnies that were tearing down a carnival that was in the area. Kevin and Bean even interviewed the Mayor or Ontario. They talked about Krispy Cream Donuts, Carl's Jr. The Ontario Mills Mall, all kinds of different landmarks. Since the Ontario Mills was located right off of the freeway at 4th street, we thought it was only logical that Breakfast with Blink 182 was at the mall.

My sister and I drove around the mall's parking lot looking for any sign of KROQ. I think we were one of the first one's to arrive since about 30 minutes later, we noticed that there were a ton of cars loaded with people (mostly teenagers and people in their early 20's) making circles around the mall as well. Not only did we circle the mall several times, we drove up and down 4th street several times. We spent about an hour and over 1/2 tank of gas trying to find this damn thing. We stopped at Krispy Creams and got a donut and as we were pulling out of the parking lot, somebody yelled "April Fools"! That's when we realized, it WAS April Fool's Day!



Dragging out my birthday

I turned 29 on April 14th and one of my bday gifts from my sister was a certificate saying that she was going to take me out to lunch. So here it is, 3 weeks past my birthday and she came to my work to meet me for my birthday lunch. She brought my kids with her. Yeah! (My mom watches my kids for me while I'm at work and my sister lives with my parents). So we were walking to the car after lunch and they start singing Happy Birthday to me. I stop them in the middle of the song and tell them (jokingly) that it's not my birthday anymore and that they better not drag it out like this next year! I think next year I'll be 21 with 9 years of experience. I have make it so that I'm at least a legal drinking age after all.


I'm getting ready for another busy weekend. Tomorrow is Jerry's birthday. I have a few surprised planned for Jerry. I just hope I can sneak out of the house without him questioning me too much. We're planning on bbqing with our families and friends tomorrow. I'm hoping it doesn't rain. But it looks like we might have to go out for dinner instead if it rains. We still have to put the house together since we don't have a lot of time to do it after we get home from work and cook dinner during the week. We've been doing a little at a time but not enough to make a signifcant dent. Hopefully everything will be in place by the end of Sunday.


I didn't hold up. I broke down and got a chocolate covered strawberry. Hey! At least I got some fruit right?

A prayer for strength and willpower

Lord, please give me the strength to stay away from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They just opened in the mall today and I had a little sample of fudge and now I want more. Also Lord, please let this plain apple be just as satisfying as an Avalanche which is a very large Granny Smith apple dipped in caramel then chocolate then peanut butter is spread on top of that then they cover the peanut butter with mini white chocolate chips and swirl chocolate on top of that. If I put on anymore weight Lord, I'm going to have to buy a new FAT wardrobe and I don't want to do that. I have clothes in my closet I haven't even worn yet.



What can I say, I'm a Cynic

Have you ever heard a story about something and thought to yourself "There's something not quite right", but never told anyone, then it turns out you were right? Well This is one of those instances. I was watching the news the other morning about this story and thought to myself, "I bet this guy started the fire himself then rescued the children so he could look like the hero." Then last night, they said that he is one of the arson suspects. It only makes since. This guy is down on his luck, is wanted for burglary and about a year ago was involved in a similar incident where he rescues people out of another burning building. I mean, what was this guy doing in THAT particular neighborhood at 3 in the morning. Don't most people sleep at 3 am? He claims that he was on his way to visit his cousin. Now if my cousin was coming to visit, it sure as hell wouldn't be at 3 am. It's all just too much of a coincidence.