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Bands I've Seen In Concert
I appologize if you tried to read this earlier and it didn't make any sense. I f'd up some of the links, causing chaos on my blog

Ok now, please don't make fun of me, because I've already been mercilessly made fun of for seeing The New Kids On The Block in concert when I was 15 back in 1989. (I can't believe I'm actually admitting this). But it's true. I had a HUGE crush on one of the guys in this boy band. I can't remember his name to save my life.

Ok I just did a search and actually found websites about New Kids On The Block and now I remember I was HOT for Donny Wahlburg.

That's enough about them. I can see it now, somebody doing a search for New Kids On The Block and my website coming up in the top 10. Now on to much cooler concerts.

The next concert I went to after that was 4 years later in 1993. One of my friends scored tickets to KROQ's Acoustic Christmas Concert. There were 2 nights that the concert took place. You could choose between Saturday or Sunday. Some bands played both nights and there were bands that only played one of the nights. I think we went on a Saturday night and here's who played:

Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against The Machine, Cranberries, Belly, Porno for Pyros, Violent Femes, Cracker, and Primus.

It took me 8 years to see my next concert. I saw Saliva at Gotham Night Club in November of 2001. The opening bands were really sucky local bands. Saliva was OK. Nothing spectacular. Just something fun to do with drinking involved!

Then in December of 2001, I went to KROQ Acoustic Christmas Concert. Tickets to this concert is next to impossible to get. The venue is very small. I think it only seats about 5,000 people.
To get tickets, you can't line up any earlier than 10 am they handed out wristbands in random order at 11 am and the tickets went on sale at noon. Then the store was given a number by some unknown sorce, (I think they pull it out of their ass) to see where they were going to start at. So if your wrist band was number 8006 and they started at 8004, you had good odds that you would get tickets. I know from years before that the tickets sell out in like 5 minutes. I was second in line by the number I had on my wristband. What freakin luck! To me this was like winning the grand prize in a raffle!

This is why I was so excited: Bush, Cold Play, Pete Yorn, Nickelback, Sum 41, 311, Remy Zero, No Doubt, Stained and Linkin Park all were lined up for Sunday Night. Since I could only buy 2 tickets, I took my sister to the concert.

We got there early and had a few drinks before the concert started. We were walking towards the building when we noticed a huge entourage of guys. At first I thought it was Puddle of Mudd, because I knew they played the night before and thought they were sticking around to see the show or maybe even play. After talking it over with my sister, we realized it was Nickelback. They all went into Wolfgang Pucks. So like the dorks we are, we followed. We were seated at the next table. We weren't hungry since we just had appetizers at Tu Tu Tango. We ordered a few beers, then another few beers until I was drunk enough to approach Chad the singer of Nickelback. He was nice enough to take a picture with me then my sister. Here's the pic!

The summer of 2002 I went with a bunch of friends and saw Lit. This was another concert held at Gotham with more sucky local bands opening up for them. Lit was great! I think they were promoting their new album which I think was a total flop.

The last concert I went to was another KROQ concert called Inland Invasion. This was held at The Blockbuster Pavilion in Glen Helen, which is in San Bernardino. The Blockbuster Pavilion is an outdoor amphitheatre. So I found that it was really stupid of them to throw this concert in August. On top of that, you couldn't bring in water. So they totally raped you at $3 a bottle and $10 for a friggen Margarita. I didn't bring enough cash with me to even catch a good buzz.

Luckily I got my tickets from Ebay and got awesome seats. I really felt sorry for the poor lads stuck in the lawn. But they were stupid enough to buy lawn seats. I wouldn't of taken lawn seats if they gave me the tickets. It was like 100 degrees that day and some smelly punker guy probably would of been rubbing up all over me and invading my personal space. NO THANK YOU! Here was the line up:

Buzzcocks, Circle Jerks (I'm sure those two bands had a great time after the concert), Unwritten Law, New Found Glory, The Vandals, Sex Pistols, X, Offspring, Blink 182,Bad Religion, Social Distortion, and Pennywise. I've never heard of a few of the bands on the lineup. It was apparent that the hard-core punk fans knew who they were though.


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