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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Cat Fight

I moved to Yucaipa when I was 15. I'm originally from Bakersfield. Both are pretty much HICK towns or predominately white populations. Only Bakersfield is a much bigger town than Yucaipa and is know for it's agriculture. I lived a mile from the mall when I lived in Bakersfield so it didn't seem so bad. We moved to Yucaipa during the beginning of the summer before starting my sophomore year of High School. Thank God for new student orientations. That's where I met my first friend Becca. I was a total geeky looking kid. It was 1989 and I had a perm, mile high bangs, and big ass glasses with a blue and rose tint on the lenses. OMG what a mess I was.
Becca was my friend no matter what I looked like. She was definitely different that me. She almost had a goth look. We remained friends for a very long time.

Towards the middle of my Sophmore year, my mom finally decided that I was old enough to take care of contact lenses. I desperately wanted them since I was being teased about my glasses. Then I started wearing my hair straight. Just doing these two small things totally changed my look and opened up a world of new friends for me. I started hanging out with this girl Amy who's boyfriend was in a mini truck club called Dreamscape. I would hang out with them on them weekends. I met Tammy through them. Tammy was kind of a tomboy. She had her own mini truck and hung out with the guys. We gradually became friends and started hanging out. I went with Tammy to my first truck run. It was Endless Summer in Parker Arizona and I was 16. (For those of you have no idea what a truck run is, it's like a 2 or 3 day car/truck show where you party the entire time.) Now my mom had no idea what this was about. Tammy had cool parents and let her go plus they called my parents and reassured them that we would be supervised and safe. This was FAR from the truth. I had my first shot at this truck run. It was a B52. I also went with Tammy to Spring Break in Palm Springs. So as you can see we became very good friends.

Tammy also had a bitchy side. Since I wasn't very self confident, I was more of a follower and did what she wanted to do. Well, somewhere during our Junior year of High School, Tammy and I had a falling out. I don't remember the exact details since I think I was pretty drunk when we got into our fight. It wasn't a fist fight, just yelling at each other about something stupid. Well, we hated each other after that. One day, I was in class and made a sign that said Tammy did _______. And I listed all the boyfriends that I knew she ever had and posted it on our snack stand. Of course she was furious since most of the school read it. I thought it was pretty damn funny. I might of posted another sign somewhere else on campus too.

Later that day I was in my last class. This was an elective and the teacher was pretty kick back and we could come and go as we pleased. I was in class and my (so called) friend Brandi asked me if I wanted to go to the Library with her. So I went. We were in the Library and I saw some friends and started chatting with them as Brandi was allegedly looking for her book. She came back to me and said she was ready to go. We were walking towards the exit and there was Tammy and boy did she look pissed off. I started to walk past her but she grabbed me by the neck. So I hit her in the face as hard as I could. We started fighting right there in the Library. It happened so fast that I don't remember any of the other details about the fight. We were broke up pretty quick because the campus security was on the way. I made it back to class but not for very long. They came and got me and took me to the Principals office. I found out there that Tammy had gotten a bloody nose. I was thrilled since I was unharmed and found the fight to be quite amusing. I was laughing after it happened because I knew I got a few good punches in.

I got suspended from school for a week for the fight. And the week I was suspended happened to be during Finals. I didn't feel like I should be suspended since she started it by putting her hands around my neck and I was only defending myself. The Principal saw it differently and said that I should of "restrained" her and walked away. Yah right! As if I were to walk away she wouldn't tackle me from behind. This was one pissed off bitch! When I got back to school I explained to my teachers what happened and they let me make up my Final's.

During the next summer before I started my senior year, I had to go to summer school to make up a class that I should of taken my freshman year in Bakersfield, but it wasn't offered at that school. This was a required class for me to graduate. Well, Tammy happened to be in the same class. I befriended the other girls in the class, and so did Tammy. We finally got past our difference, made up and became friends again, but not like before.



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