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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Driving Pet Peeves

1. Driving Slow in the Fast lane. If I'm behind your slow ass and I'm flashing my lights and honking my horn at you, move the hell over dumbass!

2. Stopping for a yellow light. This just happened to me this morning. Not only was the bitch driving really slow, the light turned yellow about 20 feet before she got to the line and she stopped. My philosophy, if it turns yellow, step HARD on the accelerator!

3. Not paying attention when the light turns green. This also happened to me this morning. I was behind this guy and the light turned green so I gave him 3 seconds to move. NOTHING! So I honked. NOTHING still. I had to go around the freakin moron. Now I'm guilt of doing this once or twice because I was looking for something in my car. But I got the hint when someone honked at me.

4. People who pass on a two lane road when traffic is already backed up. How much faster is this moron going to get there if they can only pass one car at a time. Not only that, but they are putting people's lives in danger.

5. Someone who passes you then slows down. I have one word for people who do this..... ASSHOLE!


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