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Going to Kindergarten

I have to brag a little about my son. Last night I took him to a Kindergarten orientation at the school he will be attending in August. They wanted to have a meeting with the parents so that we know what is expected of the children when they start Kindergarten, plus they did an evaluation to see where the kids are at. My son will be one of the youngest in his class since he won't turn 5 until October.

The guy heading the meeting (I don't know who he was or what position he held at the school) listed off all the things that the kids are expected to know before they start school, about the curriculum during school and what they need to know to go on to first grade. There were only a few things my son couldn't do that he listed and those things were for later in the school year.

My son takes after his dad in a lot of ways. My ex was one of those kids that never studied and got A's. I can see that my son will be one of those kids. He picks things up so quickly. He is a very smart kid.

We waited for them to call my son for his evaluation. The teacher asked him to point out the triangle, square and circle, then to recite his A, B, C's, then to point to random letters of the alphabet and say the letter name, count as high as he could (he got to 29 and 30 is ready for 1st grade), count objects, etc. The test only took a few minutes, but my son just about passed with flying colors. He just got the I and the T confused and thought the A was an R. I know that he knows these things, since we quiz him on it all the time. So it didn't concern me in the least bit. My son is totally ready for Kindergarten.


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