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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


It's a small, small world

I knew this was bound to happen. Jerry is now working with one of my ex's ex-friends. (If that makes any since.) It's inevitable that this would happen since they work in the same industry. (Well, my ex doesn't work anymore.) I get a call yesterday from someone with a familiar voice. On the other end of the phone I hear "What's up girlfriend". I went home early yesterday, so I got this call at home. I was thinking that it had to be one of Jerry's friends calling thinking that he didn't work that day. So I played along. I had a conversation with this person for a few minutes and finally asked "Who is this?" Then he told me! I started laughing immediately because I knew that Jerry had to be working with him and they had obviously been talking about me. This is scary because I've known this person for about 7 years. My ex and I used to go over to their house for bbq's, b-day parties for our kids, etc. He's married and has 3 kids. In fact, his wife used to do childcare out of her house and she used to watch my son for a few hours a day. It gets even better, we were friends with his sister and husband. We used to hang out with them almost every night. I got my female pot-bellied pig from her and when my ex and I moved and didn't have a pig pen anymore, she took her pig back and my pig as well.

After I talked with Rob, Jerry got on the phone and explained how I was mentioned. Jerry and Rob got partnered up together on the job. It was lunch time and I guess Rob was wearing a t-shirt from another company he used to work for. It was the same company my ex used to work for. So Jerry asked Rob if he knew my ex. Rob said yes and explained their relationship on how they used to be best buds. Jerry was thinking "Sorry I asked". Then Rob asked Jerry about how he knew my ex and Jerry told Rob that he didn't want to say. Rob caught on and said, "You're doing his ol' lady aren't you?" Jerry fessed up. Then Rob went on about how he doesn't talk to my ex anymore because he's a big ass liar and backstabber. He told Jerry about things that my ex used to do to me and how he treated me. I can only imagine the conversation they'll have today.



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