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Lame Ass Insurance Company's

I just got insurance from my work on April 1st. I formerly had insurance through my ex husband, but since the loser hasn't worked in so long, the Union cancelled his insurance. So not only don't I have insurance, my kids don't either. But that's another story I think I've already written about.

I've been on the pill since I've been with Jerry. I've had to fork out $40 for my pills when I didn't have insurance. So I was happy that I had insurance again so I wouldn't have to pay as much. How wrong I was. My pharmacy said that the coverage was declined for my pills. I was like WTF! That's total bull shit.

I called the number for the company that handles the coverage of my prescriptions and talked to them about it, they said that it was my insurance provider that decided what was and what wasn't covered and that I needed to call them. Then I called the insurance provider and told the guy how I thought it was ridiculous that they would cover an unwanted pregnancy but not the pills to prevent the unwanted pregnancy. He told me that it isn't them that decides the coverage, it's the company that I work for that decides the coverage.

Now, I can remember getting only 2 plans to choose from. And I THOUGHT that I was getting the best plan. And I sure as hell aren't going to call my corporate office and tell them what freakin moron's I think they are for not allowing my to get a plan that would cover my birth control pills. Or maybe I will......


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