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Monday Bloody Monday

Like I always say folks: "Monday's SUCK!!!" This may not be as bad as a typical Monday. But things just don't go smoothly on Monday's. For instance... I arrived 15 minutes late for work. I tried my hardest this morning to get ready in plenty of time to get to work on time. But "nature called" and that took up way too much time causing me to get the kids out of bed late which resulted in us leaving at 8:09 am instead of the goal of 7:50 am which is the latest that I should leave the house. I dropped my daughter off at school at 8:25, my son off at my mom's at 8:30 and arrived to work at 8:45. I should of been here when I was dropping my son off.

It was pretty important for me to be here on time since we have an Art Show setting up in the mall. So I get to work and my boss isn't here. At least if she were here, she could of handled it. But NO she isn't coming in until about noon. This is the first year we are having the Art Show in Center Court (which is the middle of the mall). It is usually in the Sears Court, which had more room until we added another cart in the Sears Court which cut out a ton of room for our events. The Center Court isn't as big as the space we usually have the Art Show so I had to expand the show up and down the mall.

I called one of our Maintenance guys to assist me so that I can make sure they are setting up in acceptable locations and that there isn't a fire hazard. He just said to line them up in the Gottschalks Court. So they put the boards in between the carts (which are the merchants that have a cart instead of a store) and lined them up going down towards Gottschalks. After I spoke with the people setting up the Art Show, I had to go get their ribbons from the trophy shop. I arrive at the shop around 9:15 and they are closed. I looked at the sign and they don't open until 9:30. So I waited around until they opened, got the ribbons and came back to the mall. I walk in the office and Bobbie (who sits next to me) tells me that Dave (who is the maintenance guy I spoke with earlier) was looking for me. I radio him :
Me: "305 to 201"
Dave: "This is 201"
Me: "Bobbie said you were looking for me"
Dave: "Either you or Terri. The art boards shouldn't be lined up in between the carts the overflow should all be in the Gottschalks Court."
Me: “That’s why I asked for your assistance."
Dave: "Well, you've done this before"
Me: "Yah, and it's always been in the Sears Court, we've never done it in Center Court before and I didn't know where everything should go."

He responded back but I can't recall what he said. But I let him know that I didn't appreciate him not helping and I did ask but since no one came to help then things are just going to have to stay where they are placed unless he wanted to come and move it.

So that's how my Monday morning has gone so far. What else can go wrong?

To be continued.........


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