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Music For The Morning After

I've know about Pete Yorn for about 2 years now but never really got into him. I was like Pete Yorn? Who's that?? KROQ would play one of his songs once in a while, but maybe I was distracted at the time, or just not paying attention, and I never really got into him. I've even seen him play at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Concert in 2001. Maybe I was drunk when he played, because I don't think I was really paying that much attention that time either.

I was browsing through Jerry's CD collection a few weeks ago, looking for new tunes to put in the CD changer, when I stumbled across a Pete Yorn CD. I knew I saw him play at the concert, but I couldn't think of anything he sang. So I put the CD in and now I'm a HUGE fan. I can't believe I could of been on the Pete Yorn bandwagon all this time!


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