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My Sister's Birthday

My sister just turned 27 on Saturday. She wanted to go to the Improv at Ontario Mills. We had a fairly large group show up. My philosophy: The more the merrier!" Some Kevin guy was playing. He reminded me of the guy who played George Kestanza from Seinfeld. He was short, fat, balding and Jewish but not nearly as annoying. Apparently, the guy had been in a movie with Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Jack Nickelson. I don't know what movie that was. And if he said, I wasn't paying attention because I thought he was pretty boring. I enjoyed the opening acts much more than him.

After the show, everyone was going to Margaritaville in San Bernardino. Jerry's daughter lived close by to the Improv, so we stopped by to say hi, and then we planned on meeting up with everyone at Margaritaville. On our way to Margaritaville, my sister called me and told me that everyone was going home because the DJ at Margaritaville was a total DICK.

We all had a few drinks earlier at the Comedy Club. So having a few drinks + comedy club = good mood. I know for a fact my sister didn't approach the DJ like a bitch. They got there and they were playing Alternative music that is hard to dance to. So she went up to the DJ (in a very good and playful mood) and told him that it was her birthday, she was feeling old, she had brought some friends who were all in the mood to dance, so he would mind playing some good dance music for the next half hour or so.

DJ DICK responded, "What YOU consider to be good dance music and what I consider to be good dance music may be two different things".

Sister (in still a good mood): "Well, why don't we talk about what you think is good dance music and what I think is good dance music".

DJ (still being a dick): "It's not my job to stand here and talk to you about what you think is good music and what I think is good music". Then the bastard walks away!

So not only did that ruin her mood, she walked out with her friends and didn't get to finish partying for her birthday!

That DJ was soooooo lucky I wasn't there because NOBODY talks to MY sister that way and gets away with it. I would have been up in his face so freakin fast, he would have smelled the alcohol from my breath for the next week! I'm still thinking about calling and speaking with the manager about what a dick of a DJ he has working for him. (I'll make sure I call him DJ DICK).

Me: "Yes, I'd like to make a complaint about DJ DICK".
Manager: "Who"?
Me: (innocently) "Oh, that's not what he's called? I just assumed that since he's such a DICK and his head is the same shape as a penis head that's what he's called. I guess not. Well, the DJ that you had working on Saturday night".


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