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Pat Me On The Back

I did my good deed for the week. Jerry has a daughter that is 19. She's going through some hard times right now. She lives on her own and isn't making it. On top of everything, her job cut her hours down to nothing. She hasn't worked in over 2 weeks. As I've been talking about ALOT lately, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory opened up May 1st here in the mall. I was walking around the mall on Tuesday and bumped into the owner. We stopped and talked for a little while about how great his new business is doing. In fact it's doing phenomenal. He said that he needs to hire a few more people, it's doing so well. So I instantly thought of Jerry's daughter. I asked him about the hours and how much it pays, and it sounded like a lot more than what Amanda was making at her other job plus he gives bonuses. And any hours is more than what she has been working recently. He asked me a few questions about her and told me to have her see the manager right away.

I went home Tuesday night and told Jerry that I might of found a job for Amanda. We called her and she didn't sound very excited. She started saying how she can't work certain hours because her loser boyfriend needs the car at night for his job, etc. Jerry pretty much set her straight and I was having second thoughts about it because here I'm recommending her for a job and she's got a bad attitude. I figured that if she's going to act like that then I wouldn’t bother helping her out anymore. I have a very good reputation here at the mall and I know a lot of the store managers. So if it didn't work out with Rocky Mountain, I'm sure I could find her something else. But I would ONLY do that if I knew that she was putting in the effort and went in with a good attitude. It would suck if she didn't get this job though, because their starting pay is better than 95% of the stores at the mall. I think I wanted her to get the job more than she did.

I got on the phone with Amanda after her dad was finished talking to her and told her about how great the owner is and that I know she'd love working for him. I also gave her some interview tips too. She still didn't sound very excited, so then I was like "Whatever". We told her that she needed to go talk with the manager that night and it was VERY important that she had a good attitude during the interview.

So yesterday I was out in the mall and I saw Amanda. I instantly thought "She better not of just showed up to talk to the manager". So I asked her about it. She said that she interviewed Tuesday night and came back to interview with the owner. Then she said that she got the job and they are starting her out with more pay than they had told me and that she was to start tomorrow morning (which is today). Amanda was VERY excited. She really liked the manager and the owner and she thought the store was really cool because it's not really a store; it's a see-through Kiosk. She was impressed with the whole thing. So that made me happy that she was excited. I'm about to see how she's doing and ask her if she'd like for me to take her to lunch.

So that's my good deed for the week. Maybe I’ll make this a weekly feature. Or maybe not. heehee.



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