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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Playin' Hookey

I have to apologize in advance that today's blog won't be humorous or make you smile. That is one of the reasons why I love having my own blog, is that I know once in a while I can bring a smile to someone's face. I get a random email or IM or even a shout out from someone at least a few times a week telling me that I made them laugh with a posted blog. I love that. And I love hearing that I make you smile. I don't have a blog because I'm a writer. Hell, I never even attended college. I just like to write about stories from my life.

Today, I just couldn't get myself out of bed to go to work. It was even a struggle to get up to take my daughter to school. My mom called me last night crying because they moved my Grandma to the ICU unit at the hospital. I first learned that they put my Grandma in the hospital last Thursday because she had a faint pulse and was having trouble breathing. Apparently, she hadn't been feeling well for quite a while and didn't want to burden anyone with her illness.

My Grandma is in her early 80's. But I never think of her as being old. She has always been a strong woman, not a frail old gray haired Grandmother that complains about her arthritis. My Grandma could probably kick your Grandma's ass, if she were that type of person. My G-ma is 5' 10" and I would guess that she weighs about 160 - 170. So she's a fairly large, healthy looking woman. In fact, my G-ma still drives. She's probably the old woman passing you on the freeway. She got a speeding ticket about 4 years ago.

My G-ma is the heart and soul of our family. She is the one who has kept us all close throughout the years. Her house is located in the central point of where we all live. There aren’t enough words to express how important she is to me or how much I love her. There will definitely be an empty place in my heart without her in my life. And I know that is the same with everyone in my family. She is so greatly loved and respected. I can’t stand the thought of losing her or thinking about her being in pain.
Here's a pic of my Grams and Gramps:

Aren't they cute? It was Crazy Hat day at thier house. The whole family had to wear off the wall hats. Grams is so fun!

Jerry, the kids, my Dad and I are going to Bakersfield tonight to see her in the hospital. I’ve been keeping in touch with my family that is there with her and everyone I speak with sounds like they have been crying or are crying. I couldn’t go to work today because I am such an emotional mess. I figured I’d stay home, do some cleaning and packing for our trip. It also gives me some good quality time to spend with my son.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, and I’ll catch up with everybody on Monday.


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