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The River!

Three-day weekends are never long enough. I'm more tired today than when we left on Friday. It's a lot of work to do nothing. It took us a total of 7 hours to get the camper ready, clean it, and pack it. That doesn't even include the shopping. And a total of 2 1/2 hours of unpacking and unloading the camper from the back of the truck. But all that work was totally worth it.

The original plan was to spend the weekend boating, skiing, and playing in the water. Something’s don't always work out the way you plan due to mechanical difficulties.

We arrived Friday night around 10 pm. Our friend Jason had gone the night before so he could reserve us a spot next to them. So when we got there we just basically set up camp and went to bed.

Saturday, we got up early, and got ready to go to the beach on the river. Our camp grounds had a boat launch and a lagoon, but the water in the lagoon is totally nasty, so if you don't have a boat, that's where you hang out. Luckily Jason has a boat. It's a really old boat, and old boats tend to be very unreliable. This proved to be true throughout the entire weekend.

Jason's boat is small, so he couldn't fit all of us and our supplies to hang out at the beach with all day into the boat at the same time. It took a few trips back and fourth to get everything and everyone to our spot. There was 5 adults and our dog Bruster. (Me, Jerry, Jason, Holly (Jason's wife), their daughter and Jeremy (Jason's friend). Once we were all settled in at our spot at the beach, we decided to go play in the water.

Jerry had brought his inflatable Jet Ski. It's made out of thick plastic (like an inflatable swimming pool) and you blow it up and tow it behind the boat. Jason brought his inter-tube that you tow behind the boat. The guys went out first and took turns throwing each other off the inter-tube. Then they came back for Holly, Haley and Me. Jerry and I got on the Jet Ski and the other rode in the boat. We were going along pretty good, then Jason made a sharp turn and set Jerry and I flying at 40mph. We totally ate shit. It felt like someone punched me in the face. All Jerry and I could think about was trying not to bang our heads together. After that happened, I was ready to take a break.

Jeremy got on next. His ride took about 15 seconds before he ate shit. Then Jason got on and Jerry drove the boat. (I just realized all the guys names start with J. lol) Jason only lasted about 10 seconds and wanted to try again. Then lasted for another 10 seconds. It was funny because with Jerry and I together, we stayed on for at least a minute or more. I told Jeremy and Jason that I hope they last longer than that in the bedroom.

We cut the engine off on Jason's last ride and pulled him aboard. Jason and Jerry switched places and Jason went to turn on the engine. It wouldn't start. He tried over and over again, but couldn't get it to turn over. Apparently, Jason goes through 2 starters a season, and it was time to change the starter. It would of been fine if we were upstream and we could float downstream back to our beach, but we were downstream from our beach and could see our shade canopy getting further and further away. Jerry and I decided to use the inflatable Jet Ski and swim that across the river. This didn't turn out to be such a great idea since we got tired half way across and it didn't seem like we were making any progress. Then this lady came to rescue us on her real Jet Ski. We attached our inflatable onto her Jet Ski and she towed us back to our beach. Jerry and I waited for about 4 hours before Jason came back to get us. And he wasn't in the boat. He didn’t want to launch the boat back into the water, so he just drove through the fields to come get us.

Sunday, since the boat was fixed, we were going to try to get our same spot at the beach. We loaded up the boat and Jason was going to take Jerry, Bruster and I out first. Then come back for Jeremy, Holly and their daughter. Jason started up the boat and we headed out. Jerry looked at the engine and noticed that oil was splattering all over the engine. We headed back to the lagoon so they could check it out some more. Jason had severed the oil line when he replaced the starter the day before so Jason had to go get another oil line. Jerry and I decided to hangout with the boat since we already had it loaded with all of our stuff. After about an hour, Jason arrives with another oil line. He installs it quickly and we went to our spot. He went back for Jeremy, Holly and Haley. When they arrived, Jerry and I had the spot all set up.

We sat around for a little bit then decided to go upriver and float down. We did that then came back. Jason didn’t want to take the boat out for anything recreational since it was so undependable. Then Jason’s daughter had to go #2 and she didn’t want to do it in the bushes. Jason took Holly and Haley back to camp so Haley could take a dump. (Haley is 3). They didn’t even get 100 yards before the motor on the boat blew up. We had no idea what had happened to them. We guessed after about 3 hours had gone by, that they had more problems. Jason came back for us around 4 pm. We were ready to go back to camp since we were totally bored. Holly and Haley had gone home so it was just me and the guys.

We hung out for the rest of the evening and Jerry and I went to bed around 11. We got up the next morning, made breakfast, packed up our camp and went home. Since we left somewhat late, we hit major traffic, which we were expecting for a holiday weekend. It took us 3 ½ hours to get home. Traffic sucks! I was ready to hit the sack as soon as we got home, but we had to unpack and then go pick up the kids.

I totally didn’t want to come to work today. I really need another day off to recover from this weekend.


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