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Adventures in Boating

We got to take the boat out yesterday. The weather sucked, but I still dragged my kids and my sister with us and made them suffer. One comment about the weather we’ve been having lately: This is supposed to be Sunny Southern California and we’ve had weeks of June gloom. I mean it’s almost July and I don’t think it ever reached 75 yesterday. Now with that said…. It was cold, but the water was warm. In fact, I would of preferred to have been in the water for most of the day.

The 15-mile drive to the lake was an adventure in it’s self. We have to drive though a canyon to get to the lake. One of the seats on the boat flew out of the boat in the canyon. There really isn’t a lot of places to pull over. A turnout here and there and that’s about it. The freeway through the canyon is 2 lanes on both sides, separated by a concrete wall divider. It’s miles before you can turn around and by then, the seat would be totally demolished if we didn’t get to it quickly. About ½ mile down the road after we saw the seat cover had blow out of the boat, Jerry pulled over and ran down the freeway and recovered the seat. Luckily, it had landed on the side of the road. He firmly put it back into place and decided that maybe he was driving a little too fast and should slow down a bit.

Jerry had slowed from 85 to 75mph. Keep in mind, we're towing a 21 foot boat and passing everyone on the freeway! We go about 3 more miles before the seat flies out again. This time, we had reached the flat lands, so it wasn’t as bad to pull over. But this time the seat lands in the middle of the lane. Jerry pulls over immediately and runs down the middle of the lane waving his arms, nearly causing an accident. Meanwhile, I’m in the truck with my kids and my sister and we are all shitting our pants watching Jerry running down the middle of the freeway. A car runs over the seat, but it’s only minimally damaged. Jerry grabs the seat and comes back, but this time puts the seat in the truck with us. I couldn’t believe that he would do that. I didn’t find it very funny, but he sure did. He’s sooo crazy!

We finally made it to the lake and launched the boat. The boat rides so nice in the lake and it’s fast. We were catching air over the waves and spent the day knee boarding. I wanted to attempt to water-ski. So we busted out the skis. I almost made it up on my fourth try, but ate it as soon as I got up. Knee boarding was much easier. I was able to get on my knees, and stay there on my third try. Jerry impressed us all with his skiing skills and Jerry’s friend Jason attempted to tryout some tricks on the knee board. The kids has a great time just riding in the boat. Everyone else we pussys and didn’t want to get in the water because they would be cold when they got out. I say..stop your complaining and get your ass in the water gawddamnit!


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