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Chinese Fortune

I've been with my family for the past couple of days, trying to deal with the loss of my grandmother. I just came home for one day to go to work and get things taken care of there so I could take the next three days off. Luckily I get three days of Bereavement time so I don't have to use my vacation days for this. It's been a very emotional ordeal and I thank God for my family. They all are so awesome. But it just goes to show what kind of family my grandparents built. We are an example of them. I am very fortunate that we all can stand to be in the same room as each other. I know there are many, many families that aren't like that. Well, here's my family:

Aren't they awesome! This was taken at Thanksgiving. We all stay at my Grandparent's house and it's like having a big sleep over and is always so much fun. Every year we do a family pic at Thanksgiving. A few years ago we started doing one serious and one funny.

Yesterday was the funeral. It was a beautiful service and it reflected upon who my grandma was and what a great life she had. Everybody was given the chance to stand up and say a few words about my grandmother. After everybody who said what they wanted to say I told the Minister that I had a letter that I wanted to share with everyone that I wrote to my grandmother. I read the letter from Monday's Posting. Only I'm sure it's much more meaningful when being read at a funeral and is said with love and emotion. After I was done, there wasn't a dry eye in the place. People walked up to me and said "Well done." And my family was so proud of me for putting into words what we all felt. The letter wasn't just about me and my feelings but it was really what my entire family feels.

Yes it's been hard, but we have also been able to laugh a little. We got Chinese takeout one night and after we ate, we all took turns opening our fortune cookies adding the words IN BED after the fortune. I need to go back to this Chinese food place just for their fortunes, because I can't remember laughing so hard. I think they made these fortune cookies just to add IN BED after you read it since they were so fitting. Here a few I can remember.

~ You will be successful in acquiring a new position.......IN BED.
~ An old friend will soon call upon you....IN BED.
~ You will soon experience many pleasures......IN BED.
~ You are about to embark upon a new, exciting journey....IN BED.
~ Many new opportunities await you....IN BED.
~ Your work is appreciated by others....IN BED.


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