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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



Jerry and I, along with the kids, Jerry's Daughter and her loser boyfriend and his daughter, all went to go look at a few more houses last night.

The first house was just GROSS. I looks like it was (at one time) a pretty nice house. But you can tell that animals have lived there for years. It stunk, the carpet was gross, and there is dirt on the walls. I just couldn't imagine how anyone could live like that. It was just NASTY! This is all on top of the yard that needs a major make over. We decided that this house just wasn't worth the time and money.

The second house we went to look at was immaculate. Just a beautiful home. It was built in 1979. The same owners have lived there the entire time and have kept it looking like the day that it was built. This is a 3 bedroom 2 bath on 1/2 acre. The kitchen was on the small side. But I could live with it. The main thing that turned us away from the house is there is no access to the back other than from the side yard. But that would be too narrow to get the 5th Wheel, and the camper back there. Which really sucks, because I would of just loved this house with all the fruit trees in the back. OH well.

Jerry wanted to show his daughter the house we looked at the other day and get her opinion. So we hauled every to the other house just before it got dark. They really liked the house. We couldn't go in, since it was locked up, but just from seeing the exterior and the yard, they really liked it. So that made us lean a little closer to deciding.

We showed them Tijuana. That's what we've decided to call the neighbors. We discussed putting up a wood fence that would run to the back of the property line, then putting up Oleanders the rest of the way. I think that would work.

We drove down the street to check out the rest of the block again and when passing by Tijuana, we noticed they had two Catering Trucks. You know the trucks that carry a bunch of junk food that go to construction sites to sell the junk food to the workers. Yup..A.K.A...The Roach Coach. Which in this case is much more appropriate. The word "Catering" is very loosely used to describe a Catering Truck in my opinion. It's not like they actually prepare the food. It's all prepackaged. We decided that this must be their business.

Next time we go to the house, I'll take a few pictures of Tijuana so you could see how bad it really is. I was thinking however, that if we buy this house, I'm sure it'll give me a ton of great blogging material just from Tijuana alone.


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