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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


To get out of my slump......
Sex Ed

I learned about sex at an early age. I remember looking through the pages of my Dad's Playboy magazine, and I also remember my Dad's extensive porn collection on Beta (remember beta?). There was one Porn that was all commercials for sex stuff. I'll never forget the jingle "Try New Twinkle Twat" then there's a girl laying out naked by the pool and she says "You'll like it!" then a guy is swimming comes up to the edge and says "I like it". Me, my sister and my cousin still laugh about it. There was also a commercial for a beave wig. So if you weren't really a natural blonde and your partner didn't know that, you could put this wig on your beave for the color you want it to be. Ingenius product.

I think it was 8th grade when I took my first Sex Ed class. We learned about the different types of VD's and the teacher explained about ways to contact VD's through sexual intercourse. We even got to see pictures! But I got a little confused when they showed us the picture of the guy with a VD on his chin. To me, that was a little confusing. I couldn't understand how a guy could get a Venereal Disease on his chin. So, being the naive 13 year old blonde that I was, I raised my hand and asked the teacher "If it's a Venereal disease, how did that guy get it on his chin"?

The class broke out into laughter, as did my teacher. He told me that that's something I'm going to have to figure out on my own. Then a few seconds later the light went on in my head and I said "OHHHHHHH".

Just after I turned 15, my Dad decided it was time to have "The Talk" with me. I wasn't really comfortable discussing sex with my Dad. I couldn't understand why my Mom couldn't have the talk with me. I mean, she's the one who was there for me when I got my period, so why couldn't she give me "The Talk". I guess, since my Dad won awards in Toastmasters, that he would be better at "The Talk" than my mom would. I don't remember exactly what my Dad said to me, and obviously I wasn't listening since I lost my virginity a few months later. I do remember him saying that you have sex with someone you love and it's best to wait for marriage until you do the deed. Now I'm thinking..Is that why he enjoys looking at Playboy and Porn?


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