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To Move or not to Move that is the Question
(Not the Question of the day)

At 4:45 pm yesterday I get a call from Jerry. He's totally excited because he found "THE" house. He's been driving right past it for the past few months and never noticed it. He's seen the "For Sale" sign, but never really looked because the neighbors are pretty much trashy. And when I say trashy, I mean that in the most literal sense of the word.

I don't know if the neighbors on the right of the house are white or hispanic, but it appears as if there are several totally run down trailers on the property that people actually live in. Plus there is shit all over the yard. It really looks like a junkyard. The neighbors on the other side don't look nearly as bad, but the house doesn't look well maintained at all. That house is pretty much run down.

Now the house Jerry is looking at sits on an acre lot. The house is pretty far back from the street with a few big trees in the front yard. That's why he's missed it all this time. He calls me up yesterday all giddy because of the land and the garage this house has. The driveway goes all the way to the back of the house to the 4 car garage. That's right....a really big garage! Every guys dream! Plus all the concrete will make it easy to maneuver his big ass truck with the 5th Wheel. There is more than enough room for all of his toys. Which is what he's always wanted. It would be nice not to struggle to park the boat, the camper or the 5th Wheel. He also like the fact that right in the back of the property is the hills. There is no one behind us, just hills. So we can ride our quads in the hills right from the back yard. The house is a little over 1,700 square feet. It has 3 bedrooms (2 of them are big enough to be the Master bedroom) and 2 bathrooms.

There are a lot of Pro's and Cons about this house. I figured I'd just list them and see how it balances out.

Pro --------- Con
1 acre lot ------- Trashy Neighbors
Larger house ------- No Grass
4 car garage ------- Needs new carpet
Hills in back ------- Will have to landscape
Kids will have a lot of room to play ------- No kids for them to play with
Walk-in closet ------- Further away from Work and School
Not in the city ------- Livestock next door
Fenced Yard ------ (I swear if I hear a pig or chicken being killed I’ll be livid!)
Can plant a garden ------- Larger house payment
Big car port ------- Needs new counter tops
Close to Freeway ------- Needs new closet doors
Very large pantry ------- Will take a lot of money to fix up
Closer to Jerry’s family ------- Flies (Lots and lots of them)
Room for all of Jerry’s Toys ------- Garage doors needs painting
Newer home -------

There are a few more Pro’s than Con’s that I can come up with. But the neighbor thing, I’m totally stuck on. To me that is a HUGE con. I’m kind of stuck on that. So this would lead to the question of the day. Maybe you guys can help me out…


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