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Weekend Plans?

Jerry called me this morning and said "Hey what do you think about taking the boat out to the river for the day tomorrow?" I'd love to say "Sure let's do it!" But unfortunately, I have to think about things a little more than that and ask questions. I've been really tired lately and sleeping in tomorrow was part of my game plan. Also, if were going to move we need to start going through shit to have one kick ass yard sale. The river isn't exactly near by either, it's at least a 3 hour drive one way. That means, we'd have to leave at like 5 am to get a decent spot on the beach. Then we'd have to drive home another 3 hours after being in the sun and skiing all day with 2 kids. I love being spontaneous and I love the fact that Jerry's spontaneous, but some things just need a little more thought. I might go for it if we camp overnight somewhere. I guess you'll have to wait until Monday to see.


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