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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Real Quick Post

How do you know you have the best Dr. in the world? When he’s sitting down, about to give you a PAP and asks you: “So, are you looking forward to the new Lord of The Rings movie that’s about to come out?” while he’s inserting that thing that spreads you open. Just like you're friends having lunch together.

Boss is still cracking the whip. No time to blog yet. But I have a really good story about my Pap today. Stay tuned!


Good Night My Friends

It's been a really rough day. My boss totally cracked her whip on me and made me work my ass off! Damn, my head hurts from thinking so much. So the day if finally over (Hooray!) and I'm going home to my hunny to eat some churrizo/ground beef taco's, drink some margaritas and then get laid! Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

The Three Stages of Relationships

Relationships are tricky. Very few have mastered the art of relationships. God knows I’m a complete mess when it comes to my own relationships. Even though I was married for 9 years, you would of thought that I wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes that I’ve made in the past. I do have to say one thing, it takes 2 to make a relationship work. It can’t be all one sided. That’s why after 9 years of marriage, I gave up! Actually, I gave up before then, it just took a while for me to actually leave the situation.

Jerry and I have been listening to relationship type audiotapes recently called “Love for a Lifetime”. They are done by David T. Moore, a Pastor out of a church in Palm Desert. He has a series called “Moore on Life”. I’ve never really been a church-goer. I’ve always felt as though most people in the church are hypocrites and they don’t practice what they preach. I’m a strong believer in “Practice What You Preach”. I hate to be preached to by somebody who doesn’t live by his own principals and morals. Granted, we are all human, but there is a line you just don’t cross. But David is different. He's been married for years and years and actually practices what he preaches. In his series "Love for a Lifetime", he talks a lot about one of the main reasons relationships dosn't work is because of selfishness. He says in order for your relationship to work, you have to put your partner first. If you think about it, it’s true. (As long as they do the same for you).

Relationships are complicated and take a lot of work. You’d think it should just come easy, but when you put two different people together, who are built differently and wired differently, and brought up differently, conflicts are sure to arise. It’s all about how you deal with those conflicts that really matters.

There are different stages of relationships. I know I’ve been through the circle a couple of times. (Note: The following is not the teachings of David T. Moore. They are from my own experiences and sick thoughts that go through my head.)

1. The getting to know you phase. Where you’re discovering about each other’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, things of interest, etc. You put your best foot forward and if you have to fart, you run to another room because that would be detrimental to this new relationship. You take extra precautions to make sure it doesn’t follow you back to the room your new fling is in.

Now if you get through this stage then there’s….

2. Falling in love. This is where you think about that person day and night. You may call him/her several times during the day just to hear that person’s voice. You don’t fight because you wouldn’t want to hurt that person’s feelings. You have sex like bunnies, several times a day. You still won’t fart in front of this person because that would still be embarrassing. Staying the night could be awkward because what if you have to go #2? You wouldn’t want him/her to hear your shit plopping or your farts echoing in the toilet. So you hold it in until you can go home and shit in the privacy of your own bathroom.

3. Then there’s the comfortable stage. You’ve gotten to know your mate pretty well by this point. You feel free to express your feelings more openly. You let your partner know if he/she has hurt you, irritated you, disgusted you, let you down, etc. You fight more becuase you are confident that he/she won't leave if you express your feelings and opinions more freely. Burps, farts, going to the bathroom become every day activities and you are no longer embarrassed to do these things in front of him/her. Women aren’t as comfortable doing these things in front of the guys as they are. Once you get to this stage there is no turning back.

These stages can take different amounts of time depending on how quickly your relationship evolves. It took Jerry and me approximately 4 months to get to stage 3. Our fighting became more and more frequent as we adjusted to living with each other and we were fighting for our own way. We have learned to work together without fighting, but by cooperating with each other and helping eachother out.

I suggest that if you find that special someone, take your time to get to stage 3 and have fun. If you’re a girl, let the guy fart in front of you first.


Adventures of my Weekend

It all started Friday night when my best friend Carrie came over with her friend Chris. We quickly made ourselves some fine alcoholic refreshments and sat around the table and chatted. Then we made some more alcoholic refreshments and went to the garage for a few games of darts. Most bars would of made these drinks into shots with the amount of alcohol put into them. But we made ours Super Sized which got me pretty intoxicated and my aim got really bad. I turned out to be the entertainment. They wouldn’t tell me everything I did. They said that I would find out when we got the pictures developed. That’s right my friends, there are pictures of my drunken sillyness.

I woke up Saturday morning with a pretty knarly hangover. But I didn’t have any time to worry about that. We had a trip to the lake to get ready for and there was packing to be done. Yours truly, was the designated packer. We were just going for the day, but with the amount of drinks and food packed, you would of thought that we were going for a week!

The lake was really choppy and made for some really bad skiing. But even with the bad skiing conditions, I was able to get up and stay up until I was too tired to go anymore. That combined with the fact that my contacts were totally jacked up in my eyes and I couldn’t see where I was going. But, there are pictures to prove my new skiing ability! I just have to send them in to get developed.

I tried getting up with one ski since Jerry’s sister makes it look so freakin easy. She’s been skiing for years and is really good. Jerry’s pretty good to. He’s more fun to watch crash. He’ll do a flip or a roll or something when he crashes. We all had at least one good crash. Jerry’s sister and I both did a face plant into the water at about 45 mph. Jerry looked like he broke something one time he crashed. But he was ok. We all are totally sore.

Yesterday we just took the day to sit back and relax for a change. We got some well-needed rest. We even took a nap! Next weekend we are taking the boat out to Laughlin for some more fun in the sun! Hope you all had a great weekend too!


How lucky am I to have my bestfriend come visit me 2 weekends in a freakin row?! I've known this girl for 15 years! Good times are instore for this weekend.

Picture us sitting in the jacuzzi, drinking girly drinks and reminising about old times. Then pillow fights in our panties and a few games of naked twister. Just kidding.

Journey's is The Best Shoe Store EVER!

Ok I'm a little bias about Journey's only because of this:

When I walked by Journey's yesterday, I felt like a Super Model! All I heard were WhooHoo's, Yah's, Whistles, and Applauses. So after I was done walking by, I told them "Shit, let me go back and do that again!" So of course I did. And got an even bigger response the second time! This came from guys that aren't even leagal drinking age! From now on, I’m entering the mall through the entrance Journey’s is located.


A Public Service Announcement

People, People, People! When going to look for a job, here’s a bit of advise for you.

#1. Dress nicely. A yellow stained tank top torn like you think you’re Hulk Hulgan (only you're body is more like Fat Albert), shorts, and flip flops won’t even get you a job at McDonalds (well, it might if you’re applying at a junk yard)! Appearance is everything. Look like you actually CARE if you get the job.

#2. Come prepared. Don’t ask for an application then proceed to ask for a pen. If you were to hand me your application after asking me for a pen, I’d have to file it directly into the trash can.

#3. Have a resume! Even if you don’t have much to put on it, be creative! If the job doesn’t require you to have a resume, you can at least have one to reference. And I’m sure it won’t hurt to attach it to your application.

#4. If you’re fortunate enough to be called back for an interview. Refer back to #1 and #2. But only dress nicer and come even more prepared and show up early! If you’re not exactly sure where you should go, leave ½ hour to an hour early, find the place then sit in your car until about 10 minutes before the scheduled interview.

This is how I got my job:

I had a resume. I tweaked it to point out skills required for the job I was applying for. I faxed it (because that was what was required) to the employer. Within 10 minutes I got a phone call back. We had a phone interview then we scheduled a date and time for an in-person interview. I showed up 10 minutes early and dressed in a pantsuit. I had brought my portfolio (along with my resume) with all the things I have done and accomplished pertaining to the job I was applying for.

During the interview I smiled a lot and had a great attitude. I made sure that they knew that I was excited about the interview. I made eye contact with my interviewer and was confident that I could do the job. I looked at the HUGE stack of other resumes and felt a little intimidated, but I was still sure that I could do the job.

When leaving the interview I felt good about what I had presented and the way I presented myself. They called me that night to schedule a second interview with the General Manager. Again, I dressed professionally and brought in the same things I had before. They told me that they would let me know in a few weeks. I was like “A FEW WEEKS!!” I can’t wait that long to know. I didn’t say that to them, but I definitely said it to myself. Well, I didn’t have to wait a few weeks, they called me the next day and offered me more money than originally stated and I started the following Monday!

After I started here, I was told the horror storied of most of the applicants. How they would come to interview in Jeans and a T-Shirt and just have bad interviewing skills. So follow my advise if you are currently looking for a job, will soon to be looking for a job or know someone looking for a job. And if you need help with your resume, let me know and I might be able to help you out.


Aging Gracefully?

Lately I've noticed that I'm not thinking or acting like I'm 21 anymore. I've noticed that my tastes are different, my thinking is different and I look different. Here are some examples:

~ I find the clothes at Ann Taylor Loft more appealing than at Forever 21.

~ 80's music baby! In my CD Player, I have Oingo Boing, The Best of Berlin, U2 The Joshua Tree, The Cure All Mixed Up and Depeche Mode 101.

~ I think it's late to go to bed after 11 pm.

~ I have no desire to go to bars or dance clubs. (What the hell is wrong with me? I Love Dancing!)

~ I call anyone in the 18 - 22 age group KIDS.

~ When I was at the beach, I wished I had a big floppy hat on.

~ I no longer desire to wear a mini skirt.

~ I'd much rather hang out with my kids than go party.

~ I've thought about taking out my belly button ring.

With all that said, I'm still fun right?


weekend re-cap (typed w/1 hand)

friday: best friend visited from vegas with her daughter and friend from vegas. Party poopers went to bed be4 10!
saturday: Orange County Fair with the kids. It was fun but a total $ pit.
Sunday: Laguna Beach, and my dad's b-day. Happy 56th dad, you senior citizen! Love Ya!

Sorry no detail, it's very hard to type with one hand.


Cat Scratch Fever

So next time you go to pick up your cat to throw her out, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT UDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES have a hair brush in your hand, then pick up your cat with the brush underneath her. Otherwise she will bite your finger and grab onto your hand with her claws out as hard as she can. Then you will end up going to the Urgent Care room with puncture wounds and scratches on your fingers and hand. They will then prescribe you the largest antibiotic pills you've ever seen in your life and give you a week off work then you will have to resort to typing your blog with one hand. Please excuse all the type-o's.


New pics are up! Check em out!!!

How Do You Know You're Weekend Is Going To Rock?

1. You get laid first thing in the morning.
2. You arrive to work and there are donuts!
3. You check your email and there is a notice from your Insurance Company that your rates have been lowered $30 a month.
4. Your best friend is in town visiting from Vegas.
5. Today is Pay Day.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the day that's for sure!

Updated 1:32 pm

My day just got better! So I went to Rob-May and they always have THE BEST sales, and guess what I found? A Liz Claiborne Handbag for $15 bucks! I so totally scored!


You Never Know When Tragedy Is Going To Strike

Tragedy can strike at any moment. You don’t know when it’s going to happen and it will take you by surprise. Why am I writing something that is such a downer? Yesterday, people were out shopping at The Santa Monica Farmers Market in California. I’m sure you’ve heard the story. People were walking on a closed street when they were suddenly plowed down by an elderly driver. People were killed while they were smelling flowers, eating some delicious food, purchasing some herbal remedies, whatever, they were just going along their business then they were gone.

What really makes me sad is that children were hurt and even killed. All I do is think about my own kids, and think to myself, “What if I were to loose them like that”? That scares the shit out of me. I don’t think I could handle it. Things like this that happen, won’t prevent me from living my everyday life. You just can’t stop doing things. What kind of life would that be?

My heart goes out to all the families of the victims from yesterday. I’ve just lost a loved one recently, and I understand the feeling of loss from someone you cherish dearly. Only I would think it’s much harder to lose someone so suddenly. So today, and everyday, kiss your loved ones. Let them know how much they mean to you and how much you love them. Don’t take them for granted Cherish every moment you have with them. God Bless.


Adventures in Camping

Since other things have happened after we got back from my very first camping trip, I never got to share with you about our camping adventure.

Friday Night
We arrived before dark, found our camping spot and frantically set up our tent before it got dark. As soon as that was accomplished, we got out the food and barbequed some hamburgers. During our dinner, we were privileged enough to hear our neighbors banjo/hillbilly music for the rest of the night, with an occasional Yee Haw! thrown in here and there. This lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Just when Jerry was about to go kick some major ass, they turned it off. We were later woken up by Coyotes howling very near by. Thank God the kids didn’t wake up, they would have been really scared.

We met Jerry’s Brother and Sister with their families at Jinks Lake, which was a bout 5 miles down the road from where we were camping. The kids were ready to go fishing, so after Jerry got their poles ready, I took the kids to the water. As I was figuring out how to cast (it’s been a while) I heard a kid calling my name. I ignored the first one, since I just figured he was talking to someone else named April. Then I heard my name again. I looked over in the direction from where I heard my name being called and saw my best friend’s little boy who is the same age as my daughter. I’ve known him all of his life and we have pictures of our kids together since they were babies. He was there with his grandparents for the day. He brought a raft and took my daughter and her friend out on it.

Later in the day we noticed that our Hillbilly camping neighbors were also at the lake fishing. While we managed to catch only weeds, they had caught a bunch of fish. I wasn’t really all that jealous since I wasn’t looking forward to cleaning the fish. It was fun enough for the kids to cast and reel in the line and go swimming in the swimming area.

After Jerry’s family had gone back to their campgrounds, (they were camping on the other side of the mountain, why we didn’t camp together is a long story) we stayed and fished some more. I was just sitting there watching and relaxing. I had gotten out of my chair for a minute and when I went to sit down, I felt a sudden pain in my back. I had gotten stung by a freaking hornet. That bastard really hurts! I’m talking for like 30 minutes I was in a lot of pain. Jerry ran and got me some ice as soon as it happened, it helped some, but as soon as the ice melted, the pain came back. That’s when we decided to pack up and go back to camp.

We made dinner, then decided to take a little walk before it got too dark. There was a stream that ran alongside our campgrounds, so we followed the trails. I think this was the best part of our camping trip. My son wanted to be the leader, so we followed him through bushes, tall grass and over fallen trees. It got dark while we were out on our little adventure. Luckily we had brought our flashlights, which made it even more exciting to the kids. We had found a rope tied to a high branch on a tree. Jerry tried it out first to make sure it was strong enough to hold his weight. Then we got the kids on it. It had a loop at the bottom for your feet and a knot for your hands. We took turns pushing each other and we got my son about 15 feet up in the air. He loved it! It had gotten really dark by then, so we went back to camp, made Smores, and then went to bed.

We got up early, since it was getting really hot in the tent already. We decided that after breakfast, we’d better pack up camp before it got hot. We had plans to go to a bigger stream down the road a little ways, then back to the lake. Well, that got totally messed up by me and Jerry’s big fight, so we just went straight home.

All of us managed to get bit several times by mosquitos. My daughter got bit the worst. The flying bugs didn’t seem as bad after we had put that “Off” stuff all over our bodies, but it didn’t keep the mosquitos from biting.

My Job is sooo Much Better Than Yours Because....
1. Tomorrow I get to go see The Producers at the Pantageous Theatre in Hollywood.
2. My work paid for it.
3. I also get my lunch paid for.
4. I'm getting paid for the entire day.
5. That's right, not only is my work PAYING for my ticket to see The Producers, paying for my lunch, I also get paid as if I were working for the day!

Don't you wish you were me?

Note to self: Do not take Vitamins on an empty stomach, unless you enjoy feeling nauseous for the rest of the morning with an occasional gag here or there.


Fighting Nicely

Ok, so I’m gonna do, what I wanna do, despite the great and probably wise advise posted by my readers. I have to be kicked in the head several times before I leave I guess. Because I’m like this, it’s what kept me with my ex for 9 long years. When I love somebody, I tend to listen to my heart despite what my head is telling me to do. If Jerry never said the words “I love you, I don’t want you to leave, I’ll do anything it takes to save our relationship” then I’d probably be living with my parents right now. What can I say, I’m a sucker. Plus, it’s not ALL his fault. I am an instigator and I have a temper. If I don’t like the tone in his voice or even the words he’s choosing when he’s asking me something, I snap back with a smart ass comment. I’m not saying I’m totally to blame, but I am taking some responsibility for it.

Our plan is to spend an hour together every night and read a chapter or two from some relationship self-help book, or listen to a relationship self-help tape or watch some relationship self-help video plus find a church that we both like and start going on a regular basis. If he’s willing to do all this, then so am I.

We really have a lot in common and when we’re getting along, we really get along well. But when we fight, we really get into it. And as soon as he starts with the name calling (I don’t name call) it totally escalates things because now my feelings are hurt and I show that hurt with more anger. He knows how much I hate the name-calling and it really pushes my buttons. In the heat of the moment, I think that’s exactly what he intends to do, is push my buttons. Then I do it back.

One of my biggest problems is I can’t stop until what I have to say is being heard. Usually in a very loud voice. But damn it, I’m going to make sure what I have to say has been said. Obviously, we both have some issues. I don’t know if the self-help stuff is going to work. But we love each other enough to at least try it out. I really don’t think it will hurt anything and I’m hoping it will help us disagree nicely other than with harsh words.


Rollercoaster of Love

My relationship with Jerry is definitely a rollercoaster. We have our up’s and we have our down’s. And when we’re up, we’re really up high. And when we’re down, we’re down pretty low. Yesterday, I jumped off the rollercoaster and moved on to another ride. I thought I was done. And Mom and Dad are always there for me no matter what. I just hated to have to go back home. But I love my parents and have always had a great relationship with them. They are my parents! And just like all parents should, they have unconditioal love for their children.

My parents were out of town when I arrived at their house with the kids and a car load of stuff. Luckily my sister was home and had just taken an energy pill. We had the office cleared out and ready for me to put my stuff in it in no time. I called my parents on their cell phone and told them what happened. Here’s my first conversation with my mom:

Me: “Hi mom, I’m going to be living with you for a while, Jerry and I broke up”. .
Mom (with absolutely no surprise in her voice) : “Oh, Ok”.
Me (surprised she wasn’t surprised) : “Well, don’t you want to know what happened”?
Mom: “We’ll talk about it later, me and your dad are in the middle of checking into the hotel”.

Within an hour, my mom called to get the scoop.

Mom: "Ok, I can talk now, so tell me what happened?"

Me: “Me, Jerry and the kids were at the stream and the kids feet were dirty and we were about to leave so I washed off C’s feet first, and put his socks and shoes on. Then I did B’s feet. We walked up to the truck and I noticed C wasn’t with Jerry. So I asked Jerry where he was at. He said “With you.” And I said “No he’s not.” Then it went back and forth a few more times and I was getting frustrated and then Jerry says to me “You’re such an idiot, he’s on the other side of the tree”.

Like how the hell was I supposed to know C was on the other side of the tree? I couldn’t see him and he was being quiet! C is NEVER quiet unless he’s a sleep!”

Well, our fight just escalated from there. I didn’t appreciate being called an Idiot because I was concerned where my son was at. I’m sick of the fighting. We’ve been fighting so much lately and when we get into a big one, we make up and everything is awesome for a few days, then it goes right back to the fighting.”

Mom: “Well, we’ll just have to make room for you and the kids. Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll figure it out”.

Then my dad calls like 10 minutes later.

Dad: “Why don’t you move everything out of the downstairs bedroom and put it in the dining room. We’ll just make that into the office for now.”

Me: “Cool, because I’ve already started using that closet.”

Then my mom calls like 10 minutes later (my dad wasn’t in the room).

Mom: “What are you going to do with Sophie (my cat)?”

Me: “I haven’t thought about it, but would you mind if I brought her over?”

Mom: “Well, your dad is a little more strict about this issue than I am, and I have no problem with you bringing Sophie over”.

Me: “Thanks Mom, maybe her and Mopsy (my mom’s dog) will be friends! Her and Bruster (Jerry’s dog) are like best friends now. She’s a really good cat.”

Mom: “I know. It’s no problem, we’ll just do it and not tell your dad”.

I think my mom was just excited about the fact that there will be a cat in the house. My mom has always had cats until her last one disappeared suddenly. My mom had that cat for over 10 years and was really heart broken when she couldn’t find her. She did everything possible to get that cat back. We think she got sick and just died somewhere, or the Coyotes might of got her. But we don’t want to think about that.

Anyways, back to my life…..

I realized that I had left some stuff at Jerry’s that I needed. So I got my sister and the kids to go with me over there to get it and I figured while we were there, I might as well load up the car with more stuff.

I called him on the way to let him know that I was coming to get some more stuff and he wasn’t happy that I was bringing my sister with me because he wanted to talk about what happened. Then he started with the “I love you, I don’t want to lose you” stuff. Sometimes I feel as though he’s just happy to have somebody in his life. Somebody that he’s attracted to, and that keeps him company. He swears it’s more than that, but I don’t know sometimes. I can’t understand how he could be with someone that he’s constantly fighting with. This isn’t the way I want to spend my life.

So when we got there, Jerry asked that my sister and the kids wait outside for us so we can talk. We talked about the fight and what happened and how it escalated. I let him know (again) that I don’t appreciate being called an idiot or any other name. I’m not a name caller. I just don’t do it, until it’s done to me.

We talked for a while, and he convinced me not to take anything else other than what I needed. He wanted me to go get my stuff and come back. But, I wasn’t ready to do that just yet. I’m still not sure today if that’s what I want to do. We’ve been together for 6 months and the honeymoons been over for a few months now. Pretty much as soon as I moved in. I’m contemplating on what I should do.

Jerry wants me to come home and either go to counseling so we learn how to fight nice plus read some self help books, and start going to church. He’s willing to do anything to make our relationship work. I feel like it shouldn’t be this much work so early in our relationship. Moving in with him so soon was probably one of our biggest mistakes. But I was going through some major financial hardships at the time and couldn’t afford to stay where I was at. Moving in with him got me back on my feet. But it’s also put a huge strain on our relationship.

We have similar personalities and I think that is another factor into our fighting. We are both leaders but he has a more dominant personality and I have a hard time dealing with that. He’s the nagging wife, not me.

So now, I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth giving it another try with counseling, etc. or if we should just move our separate ways. If I didn’t love him and have hopes and dreams about what our future could be like it wouldn’t be so hard. In fact, it would be a no brainer. But the fact remains that I have very strong feelings for this person. He has a lot of qualities that most guys don’t have. I know I’ll never have to worry about him cheating on me. That just would never happen and I’m very confident about that.

I know not every relationship is perfect. Mine is far from it. I’m not little miss innocent either. If I feel I’m being demeaned in anyway, I snap back. And that’s how Jerry is too. It doesn’t work for us. Sometimes I read more into it than what is there. So that doesn’t help things. I don’t respond well to criticism. I get defensive when I feel like I’m being criticized. I just can’t help it sometimes. Maybe counseling will be good for us. I’m soooo confused! I need to call Dr. Laura!


A Camping We Will Go..

City Girl here with highlighted hair, manicured nails and toenails, plucked eyebrows and perfectly applied makeup is about to embark upon her first camping experience. Oh I can imagine it now, the crisp/smog free mountain air flowing through my lungs. The sound of the birds happily chirping in the trees. Bees buzzing in my ears. Squirrels running through the campsite begging for food. Nat’s swarming around my head. I'll swat at them, but they won't go away. Ant’s getting into the food. Smoke blowing in my face from the campfire. Fish guts on my hands. Flies landing on my food while I’m trying to eat. Bears waking us up in the middle of the night while they destroy our camp. Sounds like fun eh? What are you doing this weekend?


I just love Enemyster. It sooo rocks!

Public Safety

One of the things that keeps me entertained at my job is that I have a radio at my desk. I don’t mean a music radio, I’m talking Walkie-Talkie kind of radio. Where you press a button and speak into the handset and say cool things like 10-4. The people that have access to these radios is all of the mall management staff, housekeeping, maintenance, customer service and our Public Safety. That consists of approximately 50 people.

They just recently changed the radio channels to where they split up housekeeping and Public Safety to be on separate channels so that they don’t interfere with each other. Which sucks, because my radio isn’t programmed with the Public Safety’s new channel. That gave me random entertainment throughout the day.

Here are some of the things that I would get to listen to throughout the day.

~ We have 5150 (Crazy Person) in Center Court. He’s disturbing customers. Could you please escort him off property?
There’s a few of them that come to the mall regularly. One is this older ugly white woman who talks/yells to herself in front of the main entrance of the mall and a black man that rides around in his wheel chair hitting on women. He’s really scary. He just rolls up to you and makes comments and stares. He probably has mirrors on his shoes.

~ Robinsons-May called and said they need assistance with a 488 (Petty Theft) in progress. Description of the suspect is a B.A.M. (Black Adult Male) wearing a Lakers Jersey. He’s about to exit from the North doors.
Then there’d be a foot chase around property, across the street, and back to the property. The suspect would hide in the canal that runs along the property and then the police would come and catch him. OR They would run to their car, while being chased by Public Safety then run over one of our officers. That’s happened a few times within the past year.

~ There’s a 314 (Indecent/Lewd Activity) in the Parking Structure on upper level 4. So basically, a couple is going at it pretty hot and heavy on the 4th level of the Parking Structure. Nobody parks up there. But there are cameras!
One of our officers was called to check out a 314 on upper level 4 and came upon a couple. The chick was totally nude, the passenger door was wide open, she was on her back hanging out of the car, receiving oral pleasure, when one of our officer had to break them up. He said he watched for a minute before saying anything..heehee. We get those a lot!

Now all I get to hear if there was a “Wet Spill” in front of Victoria’s Secret. Yawn.



I am the queen of procrastination. I procrastinate getting up in the morning, I procrastinate getting projects done, I procrastinate paying my bills, I procrastination just about everything. I know, it's a really bad habit, and it's cost me a ton of money. So why the hell do I continue to procrastinate? Fuck if I know. It’s built in me. Is there a Procrastinators Anomonys? Because I should really start going. Sometimes I think I just need a therapist. But then I hear bad things about going to therapy. How they really don't help, they just listen and take your money. Hell, I could do that! I could just record myself talking, then play it back.

So I get a notice in the mail about a week ago from the DMV saying that I have some traffic violations that I haven't taken care of and I have until July 9 to contact the court or my drivers license will be suspended. So guess what I do? I stick the notice in the drawer and forget about it until when? That's right folks! Today. And what is today? Yup, you guessed it! July 9. I call the courts and find out that I had some things that I thought were taken care of, but I needed to have them signed off. I didn't do that. I didn't know. So now I'm totally fucked and they added a few hundred dollars on to the fine for not showing up. These bastards! It’s too late for me to go to court today, because I should have been there like 2 hours ago If I wanted to see the judge.

Our roads and freeways are all messed up and they say they don't have enough $ to pay for it. But they are going to get hundreds of dollars from me, Tom, Dick and Harry (I just love writing Dick and Harry, only it should be Harry & Dick) along with thousands of other people. What the hell do they spend this money on? My guess is hookers and booze and donuts. My theory is that they collect the money, go to the nearest donut shop, scarf down a dozen then head to the liquor store, buy a few pints, drive to the local hooker hangout and proposition one of them, get her so drunk that she doesn't remember what happened, arrest her for prostitution, then collect several hundred dollars from her for bail. Then they do it all over again. It's a vicious cycle.


Online Dating

I was just reminiscing with a friend about my days of being single. It was a lot of fun. But I wasn’t happy. I’m not comfortable not being in a relationship. I was with my first long term boyfriend from when I was 16 – 18. Then after we broke up, I met my (ex) husband and was with him for 10 years. So most of my life I’ve been in a relationship.

I was single for only a little over a year. I tried dating men the traditional way. But that wasn’t fast enough for me. I had to go places to meet men. And the places I was going, I didn’t meet the kind of man I wanted to hang out with. I did meet a guy that I though was really cool and is still my friend to this day. But he was way to immature for me.

I discovered Online dating, through my sisters friend who had an ad on Match.com. So I tried it out and Blammo! I got instant responses. I couldn’t believe it. I went out with a few guys that I met on Match. One of them I dated for a few months and even went to Vegas with him. The thing about me at the time was that I needed to be single for a while. I’d been in relationships for most of my life and I needed some time to live with just me (and my kids 4 days a week.) I needed to experience being single for a while. So if I felt like a guy was starting to get too close, I’d blow him off.

Don’t get me wrong; if someone were to come around and knock my socks off, then I’d probably consider going a step further. But I just wasn’t ready for that. Nor did I meet anybody like that. At least, not yet.

Then in October, I met someone, who did just that. He was an older guy, established, attractive, and treated me like gold. He did stuff for me that no other guy would of considered doing in the first couple of dates. And I don’t mean sexually. His character and how much of a gentleman really impressed me. We didn’t work out because he’s still hooked on his ex girlfriend. He was honest about it, after our relationship progressed, but I couldn’t see him after that. Not until I knew that I was the only one in his life. Which wasn’t a risk I was willing to take, just to hangout and wait.

I still talked to him after Jerry and I met. In fact, when Jerry came to pick me up for our first date, I was just talking to (thinking of something to call him) Elsinore on the phone and he told me to make sure that Jerry knows that I’m the bomb. So I did just that..I told Jerry that Elsinore wanted him to know that I’m the bomb and should be treated accordingly.

Jerry treated me like a queen on our first date. Making sure that my every need was met and my drink was never empty. We had a lot in common, and he was a bad boy. He’d done things in the past that weren’t exactly legal, rode motorcycles, drove fast, etc. He also does a ton of things that I’ve always wanted to do, but my ex wasn’t into. He was fun, he drinks but isn’t an alcoholic. Standards people, gotta have standards!

So because of Yahoo Personals, I met Jerry. Someone who lived like 2 blocks from me, but I’m sure our paths never would of crossed, (other than him cutting me off driving down the street or something.)


Top This!

Thursday I got off work at Noon and went home and helped Jerry get everything together to go to the lake. My sister , Jerry’s daughter and her looser boyfriend along with my kids and our neighbor Jason all went. The only thing that really sucked was that Jerry had been working on his breaks like all day and he didn’t get done until about 3:30. We didn’t leave the house until 4. It was alright because we still had enough daylight out to get some fun in.

We immediately went out to ski after we unloaded the boat. I let my sister go first. She was able to get up for a few seconds, but crashed right away. I did the same. We took my sister back and asked Jason to see if he wanted to go out. The three of us went out and Jason was able to get up a few times. Then I tried again. My first try, I was up for like 15 seconds. When your skiing 15 seconds seems like a long time. Nobody called me Tricksy since I only got up for 15 seconds, but I bet by the end of the summer they will!

Friday was just awesome! We arrive at the Yacht in San Diego and it’s just beautiful. We have horsd’oeuvres (took me like 5 minutes to figure out how to spell that word using spell check and a dictionary) and cocktails then we took a ride around the harbor. After we got back, we barbequed shish kabobs and made more drinks! It was starting to get dark so we decided to continue to barbeque on the way back out to the harbor so we wouldn’t miss the fireworks. The fireworks were kick ass! They were all around us for about 45 minutes. We could see them from every direction.

After the fireworks were all done, we went back and parked the boat and made more cocktails. This is where the night gets a little fuzzy for me here’s what I remember:

~ Red Bull and Vodka
~ Deciding we needed more Red Bull and that Jerry and I had some in the car.
~ Pouring more Vodka into our glass so we could pour in the Vodka when we got to the car.
~ Drinking the Vodka before getting more Red Bull.
~ Climbing around the outside of a 53 foot Yacht that was parked outside the dealer at the Marina.
~ Trying to get in a wheelbarrow for Jerry to get me a ride, only I tipped over every time I sat in it.
~ Finally getting in the wheelbarrow because Jerry told me to wait so he could hold it steady for me.
~ Going really fast in the parking lot in the wheelbarrow.
~ Singing “Yo ho ho ho a Pirates life for me” while walking back to the boat inside the marina.
~ Pointing to a lady who was on her Yacht and calling her a Ho Ho Ho while singing the Pirate’s song.
~ Apparently she didn’t appreciate that very much so then I said it louder.
~ Sitting inside the boat and suddenly feeling a spinning sensation.

Saturday we went to Sea Port Village and walked around and ate lunch which was a Chicago Style Pizza. It was soooo yummy. I got totally burned sitting in the sun waiting for our order to be made. We finally saw some people leave who had a shaded table, so we grabbed it.

While we were waiting for our pizza to be made, this lady from Italy asked if she could sit down with us while she was waiting for her family to shop. She had to be well in her 80’s. Or at least she looked that way. My grandma looked way better than this woman who obviously has had way too much sun in her life time, she was all wrinkled up. But she was a nice lady who thanked us for letting her sit with us like a million times. And she had a heavy Italian accent so it made her hard to understand at times so we’d just smile and nod. And when we moved to the other table, she helped us carry our stuff over. She was a nice lady.

We went home that night because our Realtor called us and said that a house just came on the market we might be interested in. So we wanted to get home and check it out. It was OK nothing spectacular. Over priced for what it was. It was built in the early 70’s and had an Avocado Green Bathroom. Yuck!

Sunday: Yard work, T3, and Old Spaghetti Factory, sleep.


I'm in a great mood today. It's Thursday, which is my Friday today. Not only is it a 3 day weekend, I'm getting off at 12 today and getting paid for the entire day! How much does that ROCK!?

We're going to the lake for the rest of the day today, and I'm going to attempt to water ski again. Only this time, I'm going to use the ski that is made for a small person. The problem with that is, there is only one ski like that. The other skis were made for a man with a size 12 foot. I have a size 5 foot. So after I totally crash, (which is about 6 seconds after the boat starts to pull me) I lose my ski. They say it's easier to get up on 2 skis but harder to stay up. And with one ski, it's harder to get up, but easier to ski. I'm just going to say, it's probably all hard if the skis your using doesn't fit or you have no idea what your doing. But, I'm willing to try and try again until I get my ass out of the water and I'm jumping the wakes and doing some kick ass tricks. Then all my friends will have to start calling me Tricksy!

OMG somebody else knows about Twinkle Twat! Rock on! If you do a search on Yahoo, my site comes up #18th. I feel so specail ed.


Plans for the 4th

A friend's boyfriend just bought a 40 foot Yaht about a month ago. They live in the Newport Beach area. They invited us to spend the night on the boat for the 4th. They are going down the coast to San Diego where we will meet up with them, cruise around the harbor, watch fireworks with a glass of wine in hand. I'll pretend like I'm a rich somebody and talk like the Howell's from Gilligans Island and call everybody Daawling. It should be fun, I've never been on a Yaht before. I guess when you have so much money you don't know what to do with, you can buy things like that. I'll just pretend.