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Adventures in Camping

Since other things have happened after we got back from my very first camping trip, I never got to share with you about our camping adventure.

Friday Night
We arrived before dark, found our camping spot and frantically set up our tent before it got dark. As soon as that was accomplished, we got out the food and barbequed some hamburgers. During our dinner, we were privileged enough to hear our neighbors banjo/hillbilly music for the rest of the night, with an occasional Yee Haw! thrown in here and there. This lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Just when Jerry was about to go kick some major ass, they turned it off. We were later woken up by Coyotes howling very near by. Thank God the kids didn’t wake up, they would have been really scared.

We met Jerry’s Brother and Sister with their families at Jinks Lake, which was a bout 5 miles down the road from where we were camping. The kids were ready to go fishing, so after Jerry got their poles ready, I took the kids to the water. As I was figuring out how to cast (it’s been a while) I heard a kid calling my name. I ignored the first one, since I just figured he was talking to someone else named April. Then I heard my name again. I looked over in the direction from where I heard my name being called and saw my best friend’s little boy who is the same age as my daughter. I’ve known him all of his life and we have pictures of our kids together since they were babies. He was there with his grandparents for the day. He brought a raft and took my daughter and her friend out on it.

Later in the day we noticed that our Hillbilly camping neighbors were also at the lake fishing. While we managed to catch only weeds, they had caught a bunch of fish. I wasn’t really all that jealous since I wasn’t looking forward to cleaning the fish. It was fun enough for the kids to cast and reel in the line and go swimming in the swimming area.

After Jerry’s family had gone back to their campgrounds, (they were camping on the other side of the mountain, why we didn’t camp together is a long story) we stayed and fished some more. I was just sitting there watching and relaxing. I had gotten out of my chair for a minute and when I went to sit down, I felt a sudden pain in my back. I had gotten stung by a freaking hornet. That bastard really hurts! I’m talking for like 30 minutes I was in a lot of pain. Jerry ran and got me some ice as soon as it happened, it helped some, but as soon as the ice melted, the pain came back. That’s when we decided to pack up and go back to camp.

We made dinner, then decided to take a little walk before it got too dark. There was a stream that ran alongside our campgrounds, so we followed the trails. I think this was the best part of our camping trip. My son wanted to be the leader, so we followed him through bushes, tall grass and over fallen trees. It got dark while we were out on our little adventure. Luckily we had brought our flashlights, which made it even more exciting to the kids. We had found a rope tied to a high branch on a tree. Jerry tried it out first to make sure it was strong enough to hold his weight. Then we got the kids on it. It had a loop at the bottom for your feet and a knot for your hands. We took turns pushing each other and we got my son about 15 feet up in the air. He loved it! It had gotten really dark by then, so we went back to camp, made Smores, and then went to bed.

We got up early, since it was getting really hot in the tent already. We decided that after breakfast, we’d better pack up camp before it got hot. We had plans to go to a bigger stream down the road a little ways, then back to the lake. Well, that got totally messed up by me and Jerry’s big fight, so we just went straight home.

All of us managed to get bit several times by mosquitos. My daughter got bit the worst. The flying bugs didn’t seem as bad after we had put that “Off” stuff all over our bodies, but it didn’t keep the mosquitos from biting.


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