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Adventures of my Weekend

It all started Friday night when my best friend Carrie came over with her friend Chris. We quickly made ourselves some fine alcoholic refreshments and sat around the table and chatted. Then we made some more alcoholic refreshments and went to the garage for a few games of darts. Most bars would of made these drinks into shots with the amount of alcohol put into them. But we made ours Super Sized which got me pretty intoxicated and my aim got really bad. I turned out to be the entertainment. They wouldn’t tell me everything I did. They said that I would find out when we got the pictures developed. That’s right my friends, there are pictures of my drunken sillyness.

I woke up Saturday morning with a pretty knarly hangover. But I didn’t have any time to worry about that. We had a trip to the lake to get ready for and there was packing to be done. Yours truly, was the designated packer. We were just going for the day, but with the amount of drinks and food packed, you would of thought that we were going for a week!

The lake was really choppy and made for some really bad skiing. But even with the bad skiing conditions, I was able to get up and stay up until I was too tired to go anymore. That combined with the fact that my contacts were totally jacked up in my eyes and I couldn’t see where I was going. But, there are pictures to prove my new skiing ability! I just have to send them in to get developed.

I tried getting up with one ski since Jerry’s sister makes it look so freakin easy. She’s been skiing for years and is really good. Jerry’s pretty good to. He’s more fun to watch crash. He’ll do a flip or a roll or something when he crashes. We all had at least one good crash. Jerry’s sister and I both did a face plant into the water at about 45 mph. Jerry looked like he broke something one time he crashed. But he was ok. We all are totally sore.

Yesterday we just took the day to sit back and relax for a change. We got some well-needed rest. We even took a nap! Next weekend we are taking the boat out to Laughlin for some more fun in the sun! Hope you all had a great weekend too!


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