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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


A Camping We Will Go..

City Girl here with highlighted hair, manicured nails and toenails, plucked eyebrows and perfectly applied makeup is about to embark upon her first camping experience. Oh I can imagine it now, the crisp/smog free mountain air flowing through my lungs. The sound of the birds happily chirping in the trees. Bees buzzing in my ears. Squirrels running through the campsite begging for food. Nat’s swarming around my head. I'll swat at them, but they won't go away. Ant’s getting into the food. Smoke blowing in my face from the campfire. Fish guts on my hands. Flies landing on my food while I’m trying to eat. Bears waking us up in the middle of the night while they destroy our camp. Sounds like fun eh? What are you doing this weekend?


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