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Online Dating

I was just reminiscing with a friend about my days of being single. It was a lot of fun. But I wasn’t happy. I’m not comfortable not being in a relationship. I was with my first long term boyfriend from when I was 16 – 18. Then after we broke up, I met my (ex) husband and was with him for 10 years. So most of my life I’ve been in a relationship.

I was single for only a little over a year. I tried dating men the traditional way. But that wasn’t fast enough for me. I had to go places to meet men. And the places I was going, I didn’t meet the kind of man I wanted to hang out with. I did meet a guy that I though was really cool and is still my friend to this day. But he was way to immature for me.

I discovered Online dating, through my sisters friend who had an ad on Match.com. So I tried it out and Blammo! I got instant responses. I couldn’t believe it. I went out with a few guys that I met on Match. One of them I dated for a few months and even went to Vegas with him. The thing about me at the time was that I needed to be single for a while. I’d been in relationships for most of my life and I needed some time to live with just me (and my kids 4 days a week.) I needed to experience being single for a while. So if I felt like a guy was starting to get too close, I’d blow him off.

Don’t get me wrong; if someone were to come around and knock my socks off, then I’d probably consider going a step further. But I just wasn’t ready for that. Nor did I meet anybody like that. At least, not yet.

Then in October, I met someone, who did just that. He was an older guy, established, attractive, and treated me like gold. He did stuff for me that no other guy would of considered doing in the first couple of dates. And I don’t mean sexually. His character and how much of a gentleman really impressed me. We didn’t work out because he’s still hooked on his ex girlfriend. He was honest about it, after our relationship progressed, but I couldn’t see him after that. Not until I knew that I was the only one in his life. Which wasn’t a risk I was willing to take, just to hangout and wait.

I still talked to him after Jerry and I met. In fact, when Jerry came to pick me up for our first date, I was just talking to (thinking of something to call him) Elsinore on the phone and he told me to make sure that Jerry knows that I’m the bomb. So I did just that..I told Jerry that Elsinore wanted him to know that I’m the bomb and should be treated accordingly.

Jerry treated me like a queen on our first date. Making sure that my every need was met and my drink was never empty. We had a lot in common, and he was a bad boy. He’d done things in the past that weren’t exactly legal, rode motorcycles, drove fast, etc. He also does a ton of things that I’ve always wanted to do, but my ex wasn’t into. He was fun, he drinks but isn’t an alcoholic. Standards people, gotta have standards!

So because of Yahoo Personals, I met Jerry. Someone who lived like 2 blocks from me, but I’m sure our paths never would of crossed, (other than him cutting me off driving down the street or something.)


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