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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



I am the queen of procrastination. I procrastinate getting up in the morning, I procrastinate getting projects done, I procrastinate paying my bills, I procrastination just about everything. I know, it's a really bad habit, and it's cost me a ton of money. So why the hell do I continue to procrastinate? Fuck if I know. It’s built in me. Is there a Procrastinators Anomonys? Because I should really start going. Sometimes I think I just need a therapist. But then I hear bad things about going to therapy. How they really don't help, they just listen and take your money. Hell, I could do that! I could just record myself talking, then play it back.

So I get a notice in the mail about a week ago from the DMV saying that I have some traffic violations that I haven't taken care of and I have until July 9 to contact the court or my drivers license will be suspended. So guess what I do? I stick the notice in the drawer and forget about it until when? That's right folks! Today. And what is today? Yup, you guessed it! July 9. I call the courts and find out that I had some things that I thought were taken care of, but I needed to have them signed off. I didn't do that. I didn't know. So now I'm totally fucked and they added a few hundred dollars on to the fine for not showing up. These bastards! It’s too late for me to go to court today, because I should have been there like 2 hours ago If I wanted to see the judge.

Our roads and freeways are all messed up and they say they don't have enough $ to pay for it. But they are going to get hundreds of dollars from me, Tom, Dick and Harry (I just love writing Dick and Harry, only it should be Harry & Dick) along with thousands of other people. What the hell do they spend this money on? My guess is hookers and booze and donuts. My theory is that they collect the money, go to the nearest donut shop, scarf down a dozen then head to the liquor store, buy a few pints, drive to the local hooker hangout and proposition one of them, get her so drunk that she doesn't remember what happened, arrest her for prostitution, then collect several hundred dollars from her for bail. Then they do it all over again. It's a vicious cycle.


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