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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Public Safety

One of the things that keeps me entertained at my job is that I have a radio at my desk. I don’t mean a music radio, I’m talking Walkie-Talkie kind of radio. Where you press a button and speak into the handset and say cool things like 10-4. The people that have access to these radios is all of the mall management staff, housekeeping, maintenance, customer service and our Public Safety. That consists of approximately 50 people.

They just recently changed the radio channels to where they split up housekeeping and Public Safety to be on separate channels so that they don’t interfere with each other. Which sucks, because my radio isn’t programmed with the Public Safety’s new channel. That gave me random entertainment throughout the day.

Here are some of the things that I would get to listen to throughout the day.

~ We have 5150 (Crazy Person) in Center Court. He’s disturbing customers. Could you please escort him off property?
There’s a few of them that come to the mall regularly. One is this older ugly white woman who talks/yells to herself in front of the main entrance of the mall and a black man that rides around in his wheel chair hitting on women. He’s really scary. He just rolls up to you and makes comments and stares. He probably has mirrors on his shoes.

~ Robinsons-May called and said they need assistance with a 488 (Petty Theft) in progress. Description of the suspect is a B.A.M. (Black Adult Male) wearing a Lakers Jersey. He’s about to exit from the North doors.
Then there’d be a foot chase around property, across the street, and back to the property. The suspect would hide in the canal that runs along the property and then the police would come and catch him. OR They would run to their car, while being chased by Public Safety then run over one of our officers. That’s happened a few times within the past year.

~ There’s a 314 (Indecent/Lewd Activity) in the Parking Structure on upper level 4. So basically, a couple is going at it pretty hot and heavy on the 4th level of the Parking Structure. Nobody parks up there. But there are cameras!
One of our officers was called to check out a 314 on upper level 4 and came upon a couple. The chick was totally nude, the passenger door was wide open, she was on her back hanging out of the car, receiving oral pleasure, when one of our officer had to break them up. He said he watched for a minute before saying anything..heehee. We get those a lot!

Now all I get to hear if there was a “Wet Spill” in front of Victoria’s Secret. Yawn.


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