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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


A Public Service Announcement

People, People, People! When going to look for a job, here’s a bit of advise for you.

#1. Dress nicely. A yellow stained tank top torn like you think you’re Hulk Hulgan (only you're body is more like Fat Albert), shorts, and flip flops won’t even get you a job at McDonalds (well, it might if you’re applying at a junk yard)! Appearance is everything. Look like you actually CARE if you get the job.

#2. Come prepared. Don’t ask for an application then proceed to ask for a pen. If you were to hand me your application after asking me for a pen, I’d have to file it directly into the trash can.

#3. Have a resume! Even if you don’t have much to put on it, be creative! If the job doesn’t require you to have a resume, you can at least have one to reference. And I’m sure it won’t hurt to attach it to your application.

#4. If you’re fortunate enough to be called back for an interview. Refer back to #1 and #2. But only dress nicer and come even more prepared and show up early! If you’re not exactly sure where you should go, leave ½ hour to an hour early, find the place then sit in your car until about 10 minutes before the scheduled interview.

This is how I got my job:

I had a resume. I tweaked it to point out skills required for the job I was applying for. I faxed it (because that was what was required) to the employer. Within 10 minutes I got a phone call back. We had a phone interview then we scheduled a date and time for an in-person interview. I showed up 10 minutes early and dressed in a pantsuit. I had brought my portfolio (along with my resume) with all the things I have done and accomplished pertaining to the job I was applying for.

During the interview I smiled a lot and had a great attitude. I made sure that they knew that I was excited about the interview. I made eye contact with my interviewer and was confident that I could do the job. I looked at the HUGE stack of other resumes and felt a little intimidated, but I was still sure that I could do the job.

When leaving the interview I felt good about what I had presented and the way I presented myself. They called me that night to schedule a second interview with the General Manager. Again, I dressed professionally and brought in the same things I had before. They told me that they would let me know in a few weeks. I was like “A FEW WEEKS!!” I can’t wait that long to know. I didn’t say that to them, but I definitely said it to myself. Well, I didn’t have to wait a few weeks, they called me the next day and offered me more money than originally stated and I started the following Monday!

After I started here, I was told the horror storied of most of the applicants. How they would come to interview in Jeans and a T-Shirt and just have bad interviewing skills. So follow my advise if you are currently looking for a job, will soon to be looking for a job or know someone looking for a job. And if you need help with your resume, let me know and I might be able to help you out.


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